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Say Hello to a New Brand of Sartorial Subversion for Men

Press Release: March 08, 2017

Fashion labels have long branded their patrons with subtle iconography to indicate that they wear certain types of clothing, that they fit into a particular tribe.

Seities frees you to be yourself: a little bit weird, a little bit subversive, and with a whole world of choice. These are designs that are infinitely wearable and created to inject humour, unusual little details, and plenty of fun into your wardrobe

Seities offer subtle sartorial subversion in t shirt form. You'll find a selection of high quality organic cotton tees which only use natural earth-friendly inks and are entirely ethically produced. Protecting the planet throughout the production process is a key part of the brand identity: because the desire to protect and preserve our resources is one of the most attractive fashion trends of all.

Every man needs a selection of good quality tees at their disposal. The Seities concept is for that every man: the man who wants to transition a sense of carefree silliness into adulthood but in a subtle and wearable way, the creative man, the man who isn't quite ready to submit to conformity and start wearing plain basics for every occasion. The icon chosen is small enough that many casual onlookers may not notice it, but visible enough that it allows you to make a statement about who you are.

As fashion week closes, now is the perfect time to encourage young men to reject the ever-changing trends that they are offered by the fashion industry and instead focus on finding pieces that remain true to their personal identity. To nod to their own style, and create their own fashion statements. Seities is the perfect brand to fill that void.

About The Seities Brand

Seities was established to bring discrete character to versatile tees. All of the Seities designs are short run, meaning that each highly desirable design is limited: when you choose a Seities tee you’re unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same style as you.

The word seity, although little known, means that which is peculiar to oneself, which perfectly sums up the concept of the brand. Each Seities tee is designed and finished in London, and all of our tees are shipped from the UK.

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To find out more about Seities please visit the website (http://seities.uk) or contact cam@seities.uk for additional images, product samples or information.

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