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Say Goodbye to Pot Noodle for the eyes!

Press Release: September 21, 2015

Some 3yrs ago now, I shot an arrow into the air. It landed mid September 2015 and took the form of a unique & original downloadable android app.

Then, as now, hundred's and thousands of skillbuilder & braintraining apps and games are so much Pot Noodle for the eyes with plain cartoon pictures or baby images. Back in early 2013 I asked myself a question.

"What if I could change all that and create a new skillbuilder as something so appealing and interesting that you would want to play again and again and share it with your family and friends?"

As an Artist and published Illustrator I was always intrigued by a challenge but I also understood that I would have to bring something original and possibly unique to the table. That could delight the eye, stimulate the mind & genuinely feed the soul. And so this personal epic journey began.

A tall order indeed, which begun with the creation of over 150 full colour illustrations. Character actors that would eventually go on to inhabit a hand crafted Illustrated Alphabet set to original commissioned music that we interact with and set in motion.

As production progressed my partner Rachel van Dijk (Ray) worked relentlessly on coding. We had bought in the basic old matching pairs package and she began to systematically take the coding apart. Rather like a Watchmaker takes a watch to pieces in order to put it back in a better condition.

Within the reams of her handwritten coding she eradicated glitches and wrote new ways to add some unique and special things. Including The Living Waterfall backdrop, (based on High Force. Middleton in Teesdale), The fade/enlarge/fade Mindsoak opportunity, and that seemingly chaotic and truly random Catch me if you can level. So that the sum of it's parts work together to make for each player a little well.., lovely artwork, that can be carried with you and enjoyed wherever you go.

The Matching Pairs Skillbuilder games are in themselves a proven and very ancient way of improving our memory, our observation skills and developing the imagination in all that "Play" including a strong educational strand which makes this particular skillbuilder by Steven Cairney a useful tool for Schools, Students, TEFL, SEN, families and adults of all ages.

Sigmaleisure.com and Sigma.

The Greek capital letter Sigma is used to symbolise self energy in Theoretical Physics. In a nutshell self energy is that energy that a particle has as a result of change that it in itself causes in it's environment. Sigma is that creative self energy input by us, and the creative self energy input by you as you interact.

Steven Cairney's Sigma The Illustrated Alphabet Matching Pairs Hit - For Android

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Steven Cairney was born in Darlington, County Durham in 1957 He had his first show at a prodigious 6yrs old. He has worked as a college lecturer in Fine Art, a freelance Illustrator for The Scotsman's Scotland on Sunday national newspaper. And was nominated for outstanding achievement in the visual arts via the Northern Electric, Northern Arts & Tyne Tees Television Arts Awards.

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