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Saving on Tyres – your one stop solution for all kind of tyre requirement

Press Release: August 22, 2016

In the past decade when the technology-driven innovation has overridden; the tyre industry too got influenced with this change. From tubed tyre to tubeless tyres, and now we have tyres designed and manufactured for specific road conditions. This clearly shows the development and transmogrification in the tyre industry. The right kind of tyres makes your drive easy and less prone to mishaps. Often in rainy seasons or extreme weather conditions the vehicles go out of control or have poor road grip etc. but with the right set of tyres your car is all set to rule the road.

“Compared to the earlier times, the services are now available at doorstep,Saving on Tyres is an initiative to enable people to buy tyres online” said the owner of the company.

Saving On Tyres started few years back with a mission to provide world class tyres to the customers at their door. In order to achieve this, the company has taken some great measures like providing round the clock customer support, testing, timely service etc. “Saving On Tyres provides some of the best brands of tyres to you; it doesn’t matter which city of the UK you are residing, if you wish to mount some great tyres into your car, we are the right choice for you,” said one of the members of the company.

The management of the company has brought around 160 brands of tyres under one roof, they have created a one-stop shop of tyres and allied services of the car and that too making all this available online. “We know that people are going mobile these days and this was a great opportunity for us to explore; to our surprise, the idea has been embraced with open arms by the locals which have motivated us to enhance our services” claimed the management of Saving on Tyres.

Here is what Saving on Tyres offers you as a part of their services:

• Premium tyres from top brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Dunlop, Pirelli, Avon, Cooper, Firestone etc.

• We provide an array of tyres covering utility vehicle, commercial vehicle, 4X4 tyres, Van tyres and Lightweight truck tyres

• All these services are mobile and you can avail them on the go

As per one of team members of the company, the tyres are delivered same day in Leicheter while we deliver it the next day. The company is backed by the idea to make the best available to the customer in minimum possible time and hence, they have also brought in-house technicians and mechanics to ensure timely services and that too with minimum time lag.

In a span of few years this company has created a discernable niche for itself and is sure to set new benchmark of success in the coming times. The idea of buying tyres online was quite bizarre till the time this company kindled the idea and made it a success. Saving on Tyres has defied the whigmaleerie that surrounded the purchase of tyres online and created this forum which has ignited new transformations in the avenues of service industry.

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