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Save Up to 50% of Investment on Food Delivery Software Today! Grab the Wonderful Opportunity Knocks the Door

Press Release: August 13, 2020

Online solutions emerged to redeem the structure of the food delivery business owing to the customer’s preferences. One such solution called SpotnEats food delivery software allows the aggregators to add the multi-dimensional suppliers and delivery drivers and manage their activities in a seamless way. The high-valued feature-rich SpotnEats food delivery software saves investment by 50%. Ready with such a cost-cutting phenomenal software solution to launch your own food delivery venture.

SpotnEats is a highly qualified delivery software solution provider that builds the on-demand food delivery software that supports the launch of the unique food delivery startup. SpotnEats includes the latest technological practices and designs the specialized dashboards for all the stakeholders involved in the food delivery business. The inclusion of real-time metrics and the personalization features make your own startup as familiar within the short period after launch. 

The food delivery software from SpotnEats includes the most demanding features from restaurant owners, delivery drivers, and customers. Access of favorite food from the favorite restaurant quickly, food detailing, smarter payment, and the seamless handling of multi-dimensional event-based orders are the special mentionings for you.    

Uplogic Technologies, one of the leading web, mobile IT solution providers have a wide range of experience in the delivery industry. We offered the latest tech-dependent solutions to the new startups and the upgrade of running the business. Attentive to the latest innovations, creations in development and the qualified solutions are the honorable mentionings from our global customers. We are very glad to inform you of a special offer of 50% on our feature-rich food delivery software to help the professionals to fulfill their own business dream in the food delivery industry.  

“With the top-objectives such as convenience and quality delivery services, we are receiving global appreciation towards our work till now. We have a special place in the delivery app solution development with the advanced features to make the new startups familiar and will be running consistently without any flaws”- said CEO, Uplogic Technologies. “I believe in the concept that success purely lies in the client’s satisfaction and encourages our team according to that. After knowing such a wide necessity of food delivery startups in recent scenarios, I am glad to announce a 50% offer on one of the unique top-notch products SpotnEats food delivery software. I wish all the professionals who have the passion to launch food delivery startups to grab this exciting opportunity”-CEO. 

For More Information visit www.spotneats.com.  


Why SpotnEats Food Delivery Software?

SpotnEats generally provides the delivery startup solutions with cross-platform support and advanced real-time options. We build the food delivery software based on UberEats clone with the customization and scalable necessities of the food delivery industry. Backed up with the dedicated dashboards and the necessary synchronization in activities carried out by all the stakeholders, We make the food delivery business as top-rated one in the market. As per the industrial demands and the customer preferences, the update of our structures and the workflow is a never-ending process.   

The Specific features included in Food Delivery Software:

  • Syncing Multi-Dimensional, which allows the aggregators to monitor a wide range of restaurant owners and their orders to make the workflow as synchronized one.

  • Socially Connected with the customer that enables the restaurant owner to host the new food prepared to get their immediate attention.
  • Smart Delivery makes the delivery driver keep on sending the delivery status to customers, perform the minimal distance trip via geo-fencing options. 
  • Event-based Scheduling allows the customers to set the prior time limits for food and the restaurant owners to fulfill these orders sharply.

Hurry up! Right chance to fulfill your dreams on food delivery startup! Make use of this 50% offer and save your investment cost. 

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