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Saudi Arabia Modular Construction Market – Opportunities & Forecast, 2019-2026

Press Release: April 11, 2020

Modular construction is the method where pre-assembled buildings or modules are conveyed to the site and collected as significant components of a building. These Modular construction units may assemble completely or semi rooms. It is broadly utilized over various applications, for example, private, business, and industrial development. Sizable segments that are volumetric fit as a fiddle establish completed pieces of the structure and incorporate completing diverse development exchanges. These volumetric parts are produced off-site, moved to the building site, and introduced set up after site work and establishment are as of now finished. The method of modular construction can reduce an average of 40 to 50% project deadlines as compared to the traditional methods for large-scale projects. The cost-adequacy and efficient qualities of this innovation have contributed toward its utilization for creating structures. Besides, it offers various advantages as far as quality control, quicker form times, more prominent adaptability and reuse, cost investment funds, and natural benefits.

Factors such as are growing construction activities, demand for affordable housing, social change and a need to support the population with access to more plentiful and better-quality accommodation are expected to drive the market growth. In addition, the rising trend of providing housing facilities to migrant blue-collar labors working on ongoing construction and industrial projects is also expected to boost the demand for modular construction during the forecast period. Characteristics such as strength, design flexibility, durability and fire resistance, and reduced need for repairs and maintenance throughout a building’s life have contributed toward the extensive use of modular construction in the country. The growth of modular construction is high in remote and rural areas is expected to have significant impacts on the overall market growth during the forecast period. Stringent building regulations imposed by governments regarding fire safety are expected to have substantial effects on the Modular Construction market growth. However, Lack of awareness and quality perception among consumers may restraint market growth.

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Saudi Arabia’s modular construction industry is growing significantly during the forecast period owing to it as an increasingly proficient, greener, and moderate option for conveying building projects. Modular construction relies upon moving segment of the undertaking work to off-site fabricating areas where the structure is produced in modules, shipped to the site, and raised in the planned setup. At present, secluded development is a sizable industry that incorporates its very own partners, clients, merchants, and supply chains. Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plans are turning into a reality through the conveyance of undertakings over various sectors, including education, healthcare commercial and Industrial. This has made a move sought after for modular construction techniques in the nation. For instance: Backed by the Ministry of Housing, the modular construction undertaking is relied upon to help Saudi Arabia’s homeownership strategy, which predicts 70% of residents owning homes by 2030. Also, The Saudi Arabia recent budget shows that the government is focussing on infrastructural reforms as per the 2030 vision.

Various notable players operating in the market, include Laing O’rourke, Red Sea Housing, Karmod Prefabricated Technologie, Faithful+Gould, Maani VENTURES, Mbox, Algosaibi GTC, Newfabksa, Fluor Corporation, Vinci, among others.

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Key questions answered in this research report:
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3- Saudi Arabia Modular Construction market outlook, application areas and how they are poised to grow?
4- Saudi Arabia Modular Construction market overview, industry analysis and scope of study?

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