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Satel claims new wireless data transfer applications

Press Release: November 13, 2015

Well known long-range wireless data communications and mission-critical connectivity provider Satel expands its repertory to answer better to the latest development of industrial automation. A new product family, SATEL-LP introduces short and middle range licence free data transfer modules.

The product family consists of three different licence free radio modules and eight different I/O expansion modules with different input and output options. Additionally there is a good selection of antennas, cables and configuration sticks available.

Excellent communications data rate over the air interface enables various network structures. Simple point-to-point or line, star or mesh network structures can be implemented quickly and easily. Full roaming, self-organization and self-healing functions along with frequency hopping spread spectrum make the air interface extremely resistant to interference and AES 128 encryption ensures the confidentiality of the data transfer.

Easy configuration was one of the principles of the product development. In order to optimize the parallel operation of several wireless networks with few simple steps, a SATEL-LP-CONF stick can be used to activate another RF band without any programming effort. Each SATEL-LP-CONF stick also has a unique network ID (NET ID) that is used to identify the wireless modules in the network ensuring the radio network security in addition with the AES128 encryption.

SATEL-LP networks are easy to expand and perfect for retrofitting. Existing infrastructures can be preserved and RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces can be gradually converted to wireless.

Reliable wireless data transfer verifies the whole process and reduces the time, cost and risk required to build and run the systems. Malfunction can be detected immediately and problems can be solved without delays. SATEL-LP answers also to the requirements of the moving targets. DIN-rail attachment and hot-swappable modules make the commissioning of the wireless network simple and effortless.

Product picture: http://bit.ly/1LbDMiq

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