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Sarv: Evolving Customer Experience With Its Solutions

Press Release: September 29, 2020

For every business, customer solution and experience is one of the most important things to worry about. Sarv is among those companies that have the vision to deliver the best customer experience solution to other businesses. Sarv or Sarv Webs Pvt. Ltd. is an AI unified cloud-based telecom services provider. The company is based in and has its headquarter in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The company originated from the mind of two brilliant personalities, Mr. Ramesh Choudhary and Abhimanyu Sharma, in 2011. Since that day, Sarv has proved its existence into the market with its unique and effective business solutions. The company showed its passion and dedication toward business solutions and hired people who share the same passion and dedication. Sarv says, “If you have a team that believes in your vision and know how to make it their vision, nothing out here can stop you from achieving your goals.

The Origin Story: 

When the minds behind Sarv were in their final year of graduation, they learned that managing several things at once is hard for every business. To get rid of that problem, businesses are using some automation tools to help them. But, sometimes using different tools for different work can make the process complex and ineffective. So, the core team gave it a thought and came up with an idea. The idea was to unify all these solutions under one umbrella. The idea was good, but the problem was how?

They found their answer (not whole) in making an Email automation tool. Emails are one basic way to connect with customers. So Sarv developed its first solution as an email marketing and automation tool. As the company was self-funded, it kept the product simple and made revenue from it for future goals. After adding a few good clients, the company started to add more things to their list.

The Timeline:

As Sarv started to put new features into their products list, new names started to join them. The company knew if they needed to change the market, they also needed to change what and how they are delivering.

Starting from 2011, the company had only an email marketing and automation solution. In 2013, the company added bulk SMS, voice broadcasting, and a few team members to their list. The technologies and services added next to these were Cloud Telephony, Call Center, CRM Integration in 2015. Then in 2017, Automations, Customised Solution, Autodialer, Smart Broadcasting joined the room. In 2019, Sarv added AI and Data Science Integration to their all services to make them more efficient and effective for their clients. In 2020, Sarv launched its new product, Sarv WAVE.

Sarv WAVE:

When the world got hit by a pandemic due to COVID-19 in 2020, the whole world got disconnected. During that time video conferencing software like zoom, meet, skype and others were the only digital way of reconnecting people and businesses. But only software people trusted most, Zoom, faced a data breach and leak problem. This inspired the Indian government to launch a challenge to develop a made in India video conferencing software. Sarv took part in it with 2000 other companies from all across India. Sarv WAVE was the video conferencing solution presented by Sarv in the competition.

By the end of the competition, Sarv ended us second in the event. Currently, Sarv is working on improving the software so that it can be made more compatible with the government and public usage.

The software is filled with some great features like low bandwidth usage, zero internet to connect (Dial in to connect),  HD whiteboard with infinite zoom, noise cancellation, cloud storage, notes, chats, breaking room, waiting room, and much more.

The Final Destination:

It may appear to be a novice dream, yet Sarv's real target is to outflank Google. It may sound unachievable but Sarv believes nothing in this world is unachievable. With this vision, supported by innovative solutions, they are walking this path to surpass what Google has built.

Google today is a giant of information that gains by tracking its users’ activities. Sarv also knows how to use all this information to build an empire like Google. All the ideas and solutions Google is proposing and updating by listening to its clients, (sometimes literally). "To hit our target, what we need is information and improved technology and We know how to build these on our own."- Sarv.

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