Press Release: April 03, 2020

American EECP Pioneer Sara Soulati has announced an expansion to her clinically proven lifestyle program, the Soulaire Wellness & Longevity Program.

Soulati’s lifestyle program combines an expertly formulated plant-based nutritional protocol with her signature Soulaire Circulation therapy (derived from EECP). This powerful combination provides her clients with a highly effective solution that prevents and reverses of a variety of diseases and conditions (particularly cardiovascular disease) without the need for surgery or pharmacological medications.

Soulati’s revolutionary program has now turned its attention to the recent controversy surrounding stent and bypass procedures. Articles published in late 2019 have recently circulated illustrating the alarming ineffectiveness and over-prescription of these invasive procedures. This has led to an uproar in both the cardiologist and cardiac patient community.

A national study called, ISCHEMIA, found that stents are no more effective than placebos in reversing coronary artery disease. These recent findings have led more and more physicians to recommend remarkably effective, non-invasive solutions such as Soulati’s Soulaire Circulation method and plant-based nutritional protocols.

“Cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle disease that is totally preventable,” said CEO Sara Soulati, founder of Global Cardio Care, Inc. and inventor of the Sara Soulati Circulation Method found within the Soulaire Wellness & Longevity Program. “When our clients elect to alter their dietary choices from inflammation-causing foods to plant-based nutrition combined with my Soulaire Circulation therapy, they quickly experience a reversal of diseases or conditions that include diabetes, chest pain and angina, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, effects of stroke, congestive heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases.”

A long-time advocate of a plant-based diet and anti-inflammatory lifestyle, Soulati began her work in 1996 with an acute focus on Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) therapy. Her pioneering work in the field of EECP led Soulati to discover a broader application of the therapy narrowly viewed by the cardiologist community as just an end-stage solution for angina pectoris.

It seems the cardiology community is finally beginning to recognize the effectiveness of Soulati’s long tenured work focused on plant-based nutrition and the unique application of her signature Soulaire Circulation therapy. Several cardiologists have begun working directly with Soulati to combat cardiovascular disease as well their costly and ineffective invasive treatment methods.

To learn more about Soulati’s clinically proven, non-invasive solution, the Soulaire Wellness & Longevity Program, visit Soulaire.com and schedule a complimentary program experience by calling or texting 310-473-3030.

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