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Sara Bronfman launches YouTube channel to help beat those isolation blues

Press Release: May 31, 2020

Guildford-based photographer, Sara Bronfman, has announce the launch of a new channel on YouTube aimed at helping those who are self-isolating. The wedding photographer Sara Bronfman is offering free advice for people who want to make better use of their smart phone cameras during the lockdown. The channel, being launched end of June 2020, will feature short video tutorials on how to use your camera phone to get professional results and is aimed at people of all ages and experience levels. Find the new channel on YouTube, from June 30, 2020, where she will show you have to make the most of your camera phone and your time online This has been in the making for the past three months since the epidemic first began to spread. Mental well-being is more overlooked than physical symptoms. During this time of self-isolation and social distancing, helping those at home stay positive is an important issue, according to Sara Bronfman. This was the inspiration behind the new channel Bronfman said: ‘’Learning a new skill is a great way to pass the time productively, and ensuring you maintain social distancing. Modern phones have many features their owners may not be aware of and can produce results almost as sophisticated as the cameras used by professionals just a few years ago.’’ The new channel draws on her years of experience and will cover sunrise and sunset photography, nature photography, home photography and architecture, animal photography and wildlife, food photography and photographing family and friends. The Sara Bronfman channel will also include videos on staying safe online for parents and children. This will also cover password safety, how to receive emails safely, and how not to get hacked. In the new channel, she also touches on protecting your photos and what rights you have as a photographer.

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