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SAP Approves LUDECKE As SAP Language Consultancy Partner

Press Release: December 18, 2020

BERLIN December 18, 2020 — LUDECKE GmbH and SAP® SE signed a new partnership contract, which now gives LUDECKE the status of SAP Language Consultancy Partner. SAP grants this special type of partnership only to companies that have proven their expertise helping customers translate texts in their SAP systems. LUDECKE is one of only a handful of companies whose expertise in this area SAP has recognized in this manner.

"We are proud and thankful to be an SAP Language Consultancy Partner. Helping SAP's customers with all things language is what we do, so this feels like a stamp of approval", said Martin Lüdecke, the company's founder and CEO. Prior to being approved, the company was audited by SAP's Globalization Services department, which verified that LUDECKE's team had both the knowledge and experience required to support SAP's customers in language related topics. One of the points which stood out in the audit was the large selection of add-ons that complement the company's services offering.

Companies most often translate texts in their SAP systems when they roll out the changes and additions that they have made their SAP installation to a foreign location. This includes custom developments such as Z transactions and custom SAP Fiori apps, whose user interfaces need to be available in the local language. Apart from actual linguistic challenges, translation also require technical expertise as well as the right translation strategy, which is what an SAP Language Consultancy Partner such as LUDECKE brings to the table.


LUDECKE helps SAP's customers and partners with all things SAP translation. The company supports customers that are rolling out their SAP to other countries and enables them to translate the Z transactions and SAP Fiori apps (as well as any other texts in SAP systems) into 40 languages. The company makes a number of translation tools specifically for SAP, such as i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori.



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