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Sanyo PLV-Z 3000 reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010 - In a review published today, Televisions.com combines subjective picture-quality evaluation with sophisticated measurement techniques in order to evaluate the performance of the Sanyo PLV-Z 3000; this Full HD projector scored 6.6 out of 10 points. For example, the review team praised the projector's versatile positioning and wide range of picture controls, as well as its high contrast ratio.

But scathing criticism goes to the wildly inaccurate colours in the projector's factory setup, and the review notes that the picture isn't particularly bright. Televisions.com explains that, while the helpful picture controls allow users to correct the colour errors, there's no way around the low brightness; the reviewer therefore recommends the projectors for screens no wider than two metres. Televisions.com's head tester and editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich, said: "This projector is a bit of a rough diamond: Only when you give it the necessary polish does it begin to shine, producing a contrast-rich movie picture with authentic colours."

The projector's features impress the reviewers, who praise the elegant, anthracite casing and handy motorized lens cover. The lens shift and 2x zoom also draw applause from Televisions.com, as does the device's remote control. The projector's brightness and colours are where the majority of the reviews criticism falls, but Televisions.com also highlights flaws in 576i movie playback. High-definition signals are also discussed, and get a largely positive write-up, apart from a little motion blur and some discolouration at the pictures edges. The review then discusses the effect of the projector's various presets on the picture's brightness and contrast, before offering readers a list of settings intended to optimise the PLV-Z 3000s picture in a dark home-cinema environment. One reviewer summarised by saying: "Although we've got many criticisms of the PLV-Z 3000, we still thought it was a decent projector. Once wed calibrated the colours, we thoroughly enjoyed the Sanyo's picture."

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