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Sankalp Mobile App Development Company to Focus on Building Apps for On-Demand Services

Press Release: May 07, 2020

Leading mobile application development company - Sankalp computers and systems plans to capture on-demand services and build mobile apps for them. From mid-2020, the mobile app development company aims to increase its efforts in the field of on-demand service app development. Sankalp has observed great potential in on-demand service mobile applications, especially in the current business landscape.

In view of the growing global health crisis, the adoption of on-demand services has increased exponentially. Consumers from around the world are seeking on-demand services to meet their daily needs, from advanced healthcare to basic necessities. Developing mobile applications for these on-demand services is a profitable business opportunity, and Sankalp plans to bank on it.

Increasing Development on On-Demand Mobile Apps

According to Sankalp’s research & development team, the attitudes of consumers have definitely shifted in 2020. Their behaviour has struck a rise in the advanced use of mobile technologies. People are seeking opportunities to online shopping services, and prefer being satisfied instantaneously. This has propelled the growth in the establishment of on-demand startups. Up and coming on-demand services are becoming popular across different business sectors. Nowadays, successful on-demand service is being viewed as a guaranteed jackpot ticket for mobile app developers and business organizations.

In the view of such underlined trends, Sankalp will be building some remarkable on-demand mobile apps in the coming months. Over the past decade, the mobile app developer has built some of the most successful mobile apps for on-demand service providers. Hence, Sankalp aims to continue extending its expertise and experience in on-demand mobile app development.

Business-wise, this move of increasing the development of on-demand service mobile apps is going to bring in some sizeable profits to the company. By the end of 2020, Sankalp aims to tap over 22 million userbase of the global on-demand market. The mobile app developer would be specifically focusing on developing on-demand video apps for local video service providers considering how the global market for on-demand video services touched US$ 33 billion last year.

Sankalp would be building high-quality and agile mobile apps for on-demand food delivery services. These apps would be contributing to their share in the US$ 20 billion foodservice industry. Since China and India are leading markets for on-demand services, the company would be concentrating its development for these specific regional markets. By the end of 2023, the global market for on-demand services in India is likely to touch a market volume of US$ 25 billion, and Sankalp aims to be a contributor to this growth.

Key Focus Areas in Developing Mobile Apps for On-demand Services

To reap success in the market for on-demand mobile apps, Sankalp has analyzed the consumer needs and studied the technologies and opportunities at its disposal for providing its clients with the best mobile application utilities.

  1. User Convenience

The primary focus area for on-demand service mobile app development is going to be making the apps highly convenient for the users. The apps would be allowing users to avail any and all sorts of services through one single tap on their smartphones. The apps would be developed in a way whereas much services and amenities as possible would be made available for users whenever and wherever they need them. Mobile app development technologies that simplify and support such usability would be used.

  1. Targeted Industries

The next focus would be on penetrating the wider economy of on-demand services. It is important for Sankalp to develop mobile apps for all industries and spheres on on-demand services. The main focus would be on the following sectors of on-demand services:

  • Health
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Food delivery
  • Automotive repair
  • Home repair & utilities
  • Transportation and logistics

Apps for these on-demand service sectors would be high in accuracy, quality, and speed, which would result in to better client satisfaction. Mobility of these services and sub-services would also be a focal point of the on-demand service mobile app development. In the contemporary marketplace for on-demand services, their mobile apps need to be developed with technologies that render them instant and 24/7 accessible, the two essential tools for a successful modern business.

  1. User Experience

Sankalp believes that interactive mobile apps are the soul of on-demand services. The company has modernized its on-demand software development to provide intuitive apps for service and goods providers. The apps would be designed to retain the loyalty of customers. This would be achieved with personalized UI and improved user experience. Certain mobile app features would be integrated with business operations for better success. These include:


  • Simple registration - Improviding app performance wth quick login and checkout process, faster data processing, and minimum clicks
  • Real-time tracking - Updating product status with real-time data analysis and instant restocking notifications
  • Smooth payment processing - Adopting cashless payment options with payment gateway integrations and advanced transactional security technologies
  • Live product or service search - Optimizing the in-app search engines with online web servers of on-demand services
  • Live delivery tracking - Enabling products with real-time geolocation mobility
  • Ratings and ranking - Incorporating user reviews and ratings to develop an unbiased ranking of the services catalogue
  • Notifications and alerts - Sending instant notifications on latest product releases and pricing changes
  • Rapid helpdesk - Providing an integrated customer service portal for quick turnaround time


By the end of 2020, Sankalp would be expanding its product portfolio by building tailor-made mobile applications for a range on on-demand services in India, Europe and other mature markets. Being a top mobile app developer, Sankalp would also increase its investment is creating teams of mobile app developers specifically for the on-demand service projects. These teams would be responsible for delivering mobile app solutions for on-demand services. They would also guide these services in overcoming their traditional business difficulties and creating a transformative experience for their customers. With its innovations and skills, Sankalp would continue to provide technical support to its on-demand service clients on every step of the mobile app development and even beyond their deployment.



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