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Sankalp Achieves CMMI Maturity Level 3 Certification ·

Press Release: September 11, 2020

Sankalp has been certified to be a Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level 3 for both Software Development and company. Sankalp joins the select band of accredited businesses to the degree of maturity with determined, repeatable, sustainable, quality-driven operations. 

Sankalp has become one of the rare Indian companies to have so many accolades and recognition from their peers. Sankalp already has an ISO Certification and has also won the Customer Choice Award 2019 by Software Suggest. This is a remarkable milestone for Sankalp and the team, which has worked hard to reach this juncture. 

Sankalp's success story is a testament to the fact that they are not just another company but a global leader in their field. Sankalp has been recognized for its excellence in product design, engineering, and quality assurance. The company has Gold Standards for its quality management system and outstanding customer experience.

Sankalp is an award-winning global leader in software engineering, IT consulting, and service management. We are proud to announce that Sankalp has entered into the CMMI certification program. This program provides a platform for companies to gain exposure and visibility to their customers through the use of advanced technology and processes. 

Guarantee for Customer Delight

Corporate Quality Certification brings pride and adds to the responsibility of delivering uncompromising quality to the customers, something Sankalp has been doing for around two decades now. The company has achieved great success in providing excellent customer service to its clients. The company also provides training to its employees on how they can improve their performance.  

  • After this certification, the customers can look forward to:
  • Further improvement in quality throughout the project lifecycle.
  • More value for money.
  • A thorough evaluation of various approaches for a given project and choosing the best of the lot.
  • A review of customer feedback and proactive steps to eradicate the chances of any forecasted issues.

What the certification means to Sankalp

The certification is a reassurance for the cutting-edge processes that they follow at each step. This certificate will inspire them to re-dedicate themselves to the utmost quality and performance improvement to delight the customers at each stage of the project. 

As a team, they are determined to get better in everything they do. Which means:

  • More defined processes.
  • Process adherence at every stage without a compromise.
  • Higher predictability for consistent quality in projects of all sizes.
  • High quality at every step.
  • Lessened re-works.
  • Decreased turnaround time.

Benefits of doing business with a CMMI Certified Company

Doing business with the company that is appraised for CMMI for growth has multiple advantages. Firstly, since CMMI for growth leads to higher quality products, doing business with such a company implies that the products offered will be of the highest quality. 

Another benefit of doing business with such the company is that they will offer more precise schedules and practical timelines, resulting in more reasonable deadlines for product releases. This CMMI Certified company can thus offer these best practices throughout the product lifecycle to guarantee timely delivery and quality products.

Moreover, it ensures that the company's products comply with all applicable standards and regulations and provides them with an opportunity to improve their performance by enhancing the quality of its products.

Sankalp's mission is to help companies achieve excellence by delivering outstanding customer experience. The CMMI Certification enables companies to improve their performance by enhancing the services provided by our partner companies. 

Sankalp is indeed honored and humbled by this valued certification. However, they have just started the continuous improvement journey and will take this as an opportunity to enhance their reputation further. Team Sankalp is all jacked-up to work harder to delight the customers and create new benchmarks.

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