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Press Release: June 13, 2020

Timmy Thomas answers his own question “Why can’t We Live Together” well we can “On These Wings Of Change”


For immediate Release - June 12th, 2020


Timmy Thomas was recently directed to an article AP article “Amid unrest, songs continue to voice the black experience” published in various media. He read the article and sent it to us at the record label wondering why his recent digital release had been overlooked. Available on most streaming networks his latest song release “On These Wings Of Change” follows the tradition of Timmy’s approach to promoting harmony and peace among all people.


In 1973 Timmy’s simple song “Why Can’t We Live Together” took the world by storm. He recorded the song after being inspired by a statement when Walter Cronkite appeared in an evening broadcast stating how many American and Vietcong solders (young men) were killed. Timmy was energized that night to pen “Why Can’t We Live Together” and personally pay for its recording at Miami’s Bobby Dukoff’s recording studio. The cassette (which is all he could afford to make) went viral on local radio stations in Miami and through King Sporty (who introduced Timmy to Henry Stone and TK Records/Glades) and then the song got international air play. Timmy was nominated in 1984 for a Grammy but he always said he never regarded it as a protest song, simply seeing it as a statement on affairs at that time. “Music and message” is what he was taught and as an educator and musician he was in a perfect place to address both. His song took him around the world and was performed at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration by Dr. Masndela’s specific request. Timmy later met Dr. Mandela in Miami.


Timmy’s songs echo peace and recognition of people, promoting love and peace. That’s quite something for the son of a pastor from Evansville, Indiana, who played organ in church and marched in Dr. King’s rallies (where he met his wife). During Dr. Kings Rallies members were taught never to respond with violence to anyone challenging their march. Once such incident stays with him for years. His fiancé at that time was spat upon by a counter protestor and Timmy was ready to throw down his placard and start physical retaliation, but Lille (now his wife for over 50 years) held him back saying “No Timmy, don’t do it. I can wash the stain out of my blouse but you will never wash away the stain of your violence!” Timmy went on to recorded with Goldwax Records, played at Sun Recording Studios and often rubbed shoulders with so many music greats, opening for James Brown and often crossing flights to Africa and Europe with Issac Hayes, even recording a duet with the late great Betty Wright during his TK Recording days.


He joined our small label a few years ago having thought that his best days were behind him. But, our little label specifically sought out artists like Timmy, who still have much to offer. While going through his lyrics notebook and song books (Timmy had many songs drafted long before Why Can’t we Live Together) and we uncovered a cache of partly written tunes and some that he kept private and shared with no one (as he didn’t think they were appropriate or relevant). We came upon “On These Wings Of Change”. Timmy thought about the song, which was written as a one man band (similar to Why Can’t We Live Together, recorded incidentally in Mono at the time) and we sat down and discussed how he’d like to put the together in this century. Horn parts were written, band members brought in and live musicians led by Timmy put down a track that everyone was surprise by. Looking back there was no particular cause or movement for which the song was written and we decided to issue it on an album Timmy is currently still working on.


When Andrew Gillum made his bid for Governor of Florida Timmy offered Andrew Gillum’s campaign the rights to use the song. Sadly, Mr. Gillum did not succeed in his bid, and the song was once again shelved ‘in the can’ and relegated to the album content. The recent events and unrest, particularly with the death of George Floyd prompted Timmy to contact Sandstar Records and say “Let’s release that song and put a message out there that any change begins with me!” Timmy specifically insisted that, once again, he didn’t see it as a protest song, endorsing nothing other than change through self-evaluation and improvement. It’s basically still the same message Timmy has always asked, but it may be the answer to his question “Why Can’t We Live Together?” Well maybe we can, On These Wings Of Change, and he meant change by everyone, in mind, heart and attitude.


We saw recently that so many had tried to specifically craft songs and lyrics to address the George Floyd incident and so many other tragedies that have occurred. Timmy’s song took no advantage of any situation and his song is written from the heart with a message that resonates love and peace starting with one’s self, no matter who sings along – and change begins with self (me). Timmy Thomas – “On These Wings Of Change” is available on most streaming networks. Maybe, as Timmy suggests, we can all change – for the better!




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"On These Wings Of Change"

© Timothy E. Thomas

 ℗ Sandstar Records, Lucky Dog Music BMI


Mmmmm, wings of change,

Growin' stronger,

Every day, of my life


We've got to spend more time with the children,

We've got to help them to carry on, carry on,

And we gotta sit down with each other,

[Help Me] On these wings of change,

On these wings of change,


Ooh, on these wings of change,

Growin' stronger,

Every day, of my life,


We've gotta find a way to stop hurting,

We've gotta stop takin' momma's child,

Momma's child, momma's child, momma's child,

We gotta say to ourselves

Enough, enough, no more no mas,

On these wings of change


All of my life

I could never see

Wings of change

They're gonna grow with me


We've gotta find a way to stop hurting,

We've gotta stop takin' momma's child,

We gotta state to the momma's child


We gotta say,

Enough, enough, no more,

On these wings of change,



You know something,

All of my life,

I could never see,

But When I looked in the mirror,

Wings of change, they gotta start with me


We've gotta find a way to stop hurting,

We've gotta find a way stop takin' momma's child,

Momma’s child, momma’s child

Say to yourself,

Enough, enough, no more no mas,

On these wings of change


On these wings of change



On these wings of change

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