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Samsung S5150 Diva, an introduction

Press Release: February 12, 2010

Part of Samsungs 2010 phone line up will include the new S5150 Diva, and as you would expect from the name, it is being aimed at the female market. The key aspect of this handset is design, with a silver embossed shell design which closes up over the screen.

The phone itself is of a clam shell design, and measures in at 94mm x 47 x 18 and weighs a miniscule 84g, perfect you could say for the average clutch bag. On the exterior of the phone is a small external display. This normally will not illuminate unless you are receiving an incoming call or you wish to view the time. When you open up the handset, the internal 2.2" TFT screen is revealed. This screen shows a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and supports up to 16 million colours.

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The shortcomings of the Samsung S5150 Diva begin to become evident when you begin to look behind the undoubtedly flashy exterior. Unlike the whole host of smartphones currently available, this device is only a Triband GSM. Basically this means that the Diva offers neither WiFi, Mobile broadband or 3G. This doesn't mean the user cannot view internet data, but can do so only over GPRS or EDGE.

The Samsung Divas in built camera is adequate enough, offering a quality of 3.2 million pixels and QVGA video recording. Although on paper the camera specification is nothing to write home about, the images it produces are however reasonable enough for internet uploads, MMS and e mail usage. In addition to this the built in auto focus feature also seems to work very well. The audio side of the handset is well equipped, allowing the user to listen to the built in FM radio or their own audio files. A host of audio formats are supported including MP3, WMV, eAAC+ and WAV.

The battery on the Diva performs very well, offering its user up to 470 hours in standby or seven hours of actual talktime. The phone is equipped with a micro USB port for connectivity with a home pc or laptop and it also incorporates Bluetooth. In built memory is rather limited at just 40mb, but of course by adding a micro SD card this can be increased to 8GB.

All in all the Samsung S5150 Diva does exactly what it intends to do do. Anybody who is looking at huge data usage or internet connectivity won't be looking at this model in the first place. On the other hand for an out and about female who wants a phone to simply be a phone, and look good whilst its at it, then the Diva is the ideal choice.

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