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Samsaroon Limited announces alliance with Pets In Print Publications for www.pawtel.club website

Press Release: November 25, 2016

Manchester, United Kingdom, 25th November 2016

Samsaroon Limited, a UK based global company has announced a strategic alliance with San Diego based Pets in Print Publications following the launch of its first global digital service - PawTel Club - and its new website www.pawtel.club

PawTel Club markets digital products and services for the pet industry via a global digital network portal. By deploying its own unique software, it can take digital information from wearables such as health monitors and gps trackers on cats and dogs and interprets them digitally in the form of email, tweets and voicemail.

'Pets in Print' (PiP) is a ground-breaking new online magazine, now available exclusively through the Pawtel Club website. PiP is a unique publication, with the emphasis on being light hearted and entertaining. Inspired by the writer’s reflections on the inner world of our animal companions, PiP stories and articles are written from the pet perspective.

“We want the PawTel experience on www.pawtel.club to be fun for members and non-members alike,” said Samsaroon CEO Mark Rooney, “So we looked around for a magazine which combined good writing and entertainment for pet parents. We were delighted to learn about Pets in Print magazine and even more excited to be able to sign up with them. It is going to be a formidable partnership going forward”

PiP's Editor in Chief Barbara Isherwood said the partnership with Samsaroon’s own Pawtel Club provided perfect synergy for both partners. "I knew straight away that a worldwide social media portal for pets was the perfect vehicle for PiP. Pawtel are giving the consumer so much more than a GPS tracker or pet wearable. They are bringing pets and their people closer using 21st century technology and we want to be a part of that process."

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