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SalesAgility launches SuiteASSURED, the world's first warrantied open source CRM

Press Release: June 28, 2017

SalesAgility, a global leader in open source Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and the maintainers of the [SuiteCRM|https://www.SuiteCRM.com] project, today announced the release of [SuiteASSURED|http://www.suiteassured.com]. SuiteASSURED is a separately maintained, tested and product-managed build of SuiteCRM, the award-winning open source CRM used by some of the largest companies around the globe. SuiteASSURED is designed for organisations who operate compliance driven environments or who require additional software assurances or intellectual property warranties that are not provided with SuiteCRM.

SuiteASSURED is the world's first assured and warrantied open source CRM. It offers protections and guarantees more usually associated with proprietary software while maintaining the quality, freedoms and innovations of open source software. SuiteASSURED provides assurances that include indemnifications in case of IP issues, and warranties for the performance, security and reliability of the software.

For compliance driven organisations such as financial services and healthcare, open source can be a challenge to adopt because of the explicit lack of warranties and indemnities in most open source licences. SuiteASSURED is a game changer for such organisations. It enables faster innovation at greatly reduced costs as well as contractual guarantees more usually associated with proprietary vendors.

You can enjoy all the advantages of a mature open source product, such as stability, rapid development, high levels of security, peer audited code, open standards, and affordability; but with SuiteASSURED you also get the assurances, warranties, indemnities and long term support your organisation's needs.

"With SuiteASSURED, we are clearing the way for all companies, regardless of their requirements, to deploy the world's leading open source CRM", says Greg Soper, CEO of [SalesAgility Ltd|https://www.SalesAgility.com], "We are granting them more freedom, more rights over the code, while affording them a much better total cost of ownership and total warrantied confidence."

Pricing for the SuiteASSURED CRM application is on a per site basis and is determined by the banded number of users. For more information, visit the SuiteASSURED website at https://www.suiteassured.com.

Kevin Sharpe – Head of Marketing
kevin.sharpe@salesagility.com - 01786 585 499


About SalesAgility

[SalesAgility|https://www.SalesAgility.com] is an employee-owned CRM consultancy and the creators, developers and implementors of the award winning open source application SuiteCRM. Launched in 2013, SuiteCRM has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and is the main CRM for many SMEs and large enterprises.

Firm believers in the open source ethos, at SalesAgility we deliver software that is robust, adaptable for any environment and to all needs, feature-rich, while at the same time affordable with low TCO.

In 2017, SalesAgility launched SuiteAssured, the first warranted CRM based on an open source solution. SuiteAssured paves SuiteCRM's way into companies that require their software come with warranties, guarantees and indemnities.

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