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Sales boost for small businesses as Sasudi launches

Press Release: May 13, 2016

You run a business. You love what you do. But you dread selling.

Good news. Sasudi has launched. Sasudi is the only online sales resource that’s designed to give you all the sales training, inspiration, support and direction you need to grow your business. It will get you motivated and give you the edge when you set out to win new business.

Sasudi educates, mentors and supports small businesses in every aspect of sales from a single online resource. It’ll transform sales from something feared into something you’ll enjoy – and help you make the most of every selling opportunity.

For your small business to truly be successful, sales has to be a part of your daily routine, not something you focus on every now and again after attending a seminar.

Sasudi knows it’s hard to keep that kind of focus and determination without someone standing there beside you every day, coaching you and mentoring you through your sales process. But what small business has the time or budget to hire an in-house sales consultant?

Sasudi users will get 24/7 access to an interactive, fully customisable online resource designed specifically to help you develop your sales mindset.

Sasudi is all about the user, so when you sign up, you start out with the Sales Personality Profile to find out what your natural sales strengths and weaknesses are. From there, you can set your Sales Supergoal, plan the actions you’re going to take to get you there and grab some quick tips from the easy-reference How To guides.

Registering at Sasudi gets you into its five key sales support resources:

The Learning Zone
Assess your sales skills, home in on exactly what it is about selling you don’t like and tackle it head on. At the Sasudi Learning Zone, you’ll discover how to develop a sales mindset and finesse the techniques that work for you. And with a choice of videos, articles and e-learning courses on everything from how to create a winning mindset to how to make successful, stress free sales calls, you can choose how you learn. It’s updated continuously, so you’ll always be learning.

The Inspiration Zone
This is your personal motivation centre – the place where you keep all your upbeat stories, quotes and other feel-good stuff. When you’re feeling down about sales, head over to experience the empowering effects of positive psychology on your sales performance. Think of it too as your ‘in case of emergency’ fall back for when you need a motivational boost.

Your sales control centre
Here, you’ll find the tools to develop your winning sales strategy. Sasudi is not just teaching you sales in theory — it wants you to implement it, too! Goal setting, lead management, progress tracking, best practice examples, task scheduling. It’s all here in one place to keep you firmly on track.

Team Sasudi – the community
Lots of people are in the same boat as you when it comes to sales. Chat with them, share experiences and give and receive advice here in the Sasudi community.

Coming soon to Sasudi – the customer zone
With Sasudi, you won’t need to invest in any expensive CRM (customer relationship management) software. As a registered user, you’ll have access to integrated apps for recording communications, setting reminders, tracking emails and preparing and sending regular newsletters.

Leigh Ashton, co-founder of Sasudi, said: “Sasudi has been born out of more than 20 years of feedback. I have spoken at conferences and worked with businesses all over the world and there is a common problem: that selling is a necessary evil. We’re changing that. Whether it’s flexible training, inspirational resources, sales management tools or the chance to join a supportive community, Sasudi takes the drudgery and fear out of selling for small business owners.”

The founders – Leigh Ashton and Jonathan Mills
Leigh Ashton has spent over 20 years helping people realise their sales potential. She has worked with clients such as British Airways, Barclays, Harrods, AXA Insurance and thousands of small businesses, start-ups and sole traders. Leigh is the author of iSell: Unlock your winning sales mindset, which offers innovative methods to selling.

Jonathan Mills has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and customer service. From selling business-to-business in a face-to-face environment to leading teams from three to 70, his specialised coaching style of management helps people realise their potential. Jonathan regularly mentors teams and individuals on their journeys to business success.

For more information, visit www.sasudi.com.

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