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Sales Ambassadors UK relocate and create a recruitment BOOM in Canary Wharf

Press Release: October 02, 2019

Sales Ambassadors UK recently relocated to the financial district of Canary Wharf and created a bigger boom than ever expected, with new clients and increased sales, they are expanding fast. This in turn has created fantastic opportunities in Canary Wharf for graduates and those seeking work.

Sales Ambassadors UK are a relatively new direct marketing company, but don't less this fool you into thinking that new means small. With a dynamic team that combined have over 60 years experience, they know how to take control, make sales and most importantly make money! "We created Sales Ambassadors as a new company to combine our experiences together, focus our efforts on our clients and to grow our amazing sales teams bigger than ever before, everything we are doing we have all done before, and so our company is based on experience and talent, team work makes the dream work as they say - a perfect combination for success" explained the SEO of Sales Ambassadors UK, Hicham Mouden.

Due to its relocation, and a bigger office space, Sales Ambassadors UK have been able to offer opportunities to job seekers and graduates, the employment sector is up and down and having multiple opportunities available is a great help to those seeking work. "Not only have we recently moved to Canary Wharf, but a large team within our company have been doing so well that one of our managers have set up another location in London and now base themselves from there with their team, meaning we have space in Canary Wharf to expand once again and provide amazing opportunities to those on the journey with us" explained Peter Braggins, Sales Ambassadors UK account manager. The employment market in the UK is a tricky one at times, and having companies like Sales Ambassadors UK gives hope to those who have been struggling to find work.

Expansion and growth are exciting words to hear, especially with the uncertainty of the UK economy as the country prepares to leave the EU, but how is this possible as most companies are cutting back? "Fortunately for those at Sales Ambassadors UK, we have a sales system and structure that we teach, these structures can be tailored to work for any client in any industry, and so whatever the country faces with Brexit, we know we can tailor ourselves to suit what any business needs to achieve increased sales on behalf of them, and success for our clients means success for our company and our sales ambassadors" confirmed Hicham Mouden SEO of Sales Ambassadors UK.

"We are on the way to phenomenal results in the next year and cannot wait to meet all of the new people joining us, growing with us, and succeeding with us" stated Hicham Mouden, SEO of Sales Ambassadors UK.

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