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Sales ambassadors UK recognises, London fashion icon, Dina Torkia

Press Release: December 09, 2018

Sales ambassadors UK recognises, London YouTuber, Dina Torkia: changing the fashion world and brings the 'hijab' into the current trends. The vlogger speaks out about achieving a rise of “modest Fashion” specifically also mentioning the ‘hijab’; she aims to represent London as a diverse and cultural place. When the fashion industry celebrates diversity, the whole world starts to notice.

This heavily changes the world of work, especially in London, which is a city represented in the world as a truly vibrant area. Approximately one-third of Londoners are foreign-born, with well over 200 languages spoken with in it (English remaining its first language).

The Guardian mentioned on September 2018 that ‘People from ethnic minorities are still facing major jobs gap in UK". Sales Ambassadors UK is an emerging sales company that aims of smashing stereotypes by showing the world that every country, culture can revolutionise every work place by bringing something new into it.

Sales Ambassadors UK, currently recruiting, Sales Ambassadors all over the UK welcoming every ethnicity out there.

At Sales Ambassadors UK, we celebrate the diversity in London. Canary wharf’s, Sales Ambassadors, from Sales Ambassadors UK are even having a promotion event on Saturday 20th October, where all of our sales ambassadors from all different cultures will gather together to share experiences and to celebrate the diversity. Join our new openings at Sales Ambassadors UK to work in a multicultural environment where there is a fair chance for every opportunity.

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