Home Sales Ambassadors UK discuss if studying at university will help your ability to get a job in one of the best cities to work in, London.

Sales Ambassadors UK discuss if studying at university will help your ability to get a job in one of the best cities to work in, London.

Press Release: November 26, 2019

University is one of the bigger milestones in life, aiming to get students into work in their chosen industries, Sales Ambassadors, based in Canary Wharf, London, debate if it really is as valuable as students are led to believe.

Primary school, secondary school, SATS, A-Levels, GCSE’s and more are all a part of a teenagers life as they go through education and schooling, throughout school the mention of getting a degree at University is always at the top of the list, as a degree is essential for many jobs, but is it essential for everyone? Hicham Mouden, SEO of Sales Ambassadors UK, based in London, Canary Wharf explains “I will state the obvious, if you want to become a doctor, you need to go to university, if you want to become an engineer, you need to go to university, and there are many other career options that require a degree for obvious reasons and so of course you have to go to even have a chance at getting your desired job. But not everyone wants to be a doctor, and so not everyone needs to go to university. I see so many students going to uni just for the sake of it, studying a random subject as they are yet to decide what they want to do but are told that university is the next stage for everyone, when in fact they end up working a job with no relevance to their degree, or re-study a new degree once they have some life and work experience and find an industry they love and so have to start all over again”.

But what about jobs where a degree is helpful, even if not required? Is the ‘helpful’ degree worth the time and money spent on a degree? “It is exactly that, helpful. If someone wants to go to university I think it is the best thing they can do, however I don’t believe people should be going to university because everyone else does. For some, getting an entry level job, internship or apprenticeship is a better way to gain valuable experience and help them make the decisions about their future and what they want to do before committing to an expensive degree, the best thing about a degree is that you can do it at any time, so leaving school to gain paid work experience, and attending university at a later date is perfectly acceptable too!” confirmed peter Braggins, account manager at Sales Ambassadors UK, London.
The SEO of Sales Ambassadors himself has a degree, and so does 75% of his management team, so does he give degrees the greenlight? “Of course, I think it is valuable in life to have a degree, to be an expert in a certain industry, it gives you a step up in your chosen field compared to those without degrees, however getting a degree ‘just because’ is not worth it. I have a degree in phsychology, and now I am an entrepreneur with multiple businesses one of which being a sales company in the charity industry.. it is not relevant to my degree, many that work with Sales Ambassadors have degrees, many don’t, many are on a gap year, there is no wrong or right answer, but making the right choice for your future is the best thing you can do, and if you are not sure, go get some work experience, work in retail, recruitment, hospitality, customer service and more, there are so many industries that you can work in with no experience and many find a role they enjoy and manage to work upwards without ever going to uni, many companies offer training within your job, send you on courses, you are then paid to get a qualification rather than paying for it, smart choices are essential, not rushed ones, or ones that come from following the crowd” explained Hicham Mouden, SEO Sales Ambassadors UK.

It seems the debate is pretty clear, university is perfect if you know the industry, role or area you want to work in, and know it requires a degree, but not essential. Working in a job within an industry you like if you are unsure is also a good idea. Got questions? Or have something you want to say? Get in touch!

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