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Sales Ambassadors discuss CHAOS caused but Extinction Rebellion across East London and Canary Wharf

Press Release: October 18, 2019

During Thursday’s rush hour, an activist group called Extinction Rebellion caused mayhem on London’s underground, particularly the Jubilee line and DLR during an environmental protest.

The environmental protest, aimed to ‘peacefully occupy centres of power and shut them down’ caused severe delays across London’s underground as activists climbed on top of trains and some even glued themselves to trains, in some areas this lead to the public taking matters into their own hands and pulling protestors off of trains as they wanted to get to work. “The aim of Extinction Rebellion (XR for short) is not a bad one, they are aiming to tackle climate change by ‘making noise’ to get coverage as they request that the government declare climate change as an ‘emergency’ amongst other things. This is not a bad thing at all, however the disruption, particularly on the London underground has caused some serious backlash from the public which may not overall do them any favours in terms of receiving support from the general public” explained Hicham Mouden, CEO of Sales Ambassadors based in Canary Wharf.

The idea of XR is to be peaceful, however many of their protests, particularly those in Canning Town, East London, turned violent. “I think it is quite shocking just how many members of the public took matters into their own hands and started dragging protesters off of trains, and some even being violent to protesters once they had been pulled down, although I do not agree with the physical response, I understand their frustration, these commuters are trying to get to work, to earn money to pay bills and feed their families and one of the most annoying things in London is train delays, so having a group blatantly cause major delays must have been very frustrating” stated Peter Braggins, account and finance manager at sales Ambassadors UK.

Not only did these protests cause delays for commuters, but companies, like Sales Ambassadors also faced issues due to the location of their offices. “Being based in Canary Wharf means we were right in the middle of all of the delays on both of our train stations and lines, we had staff members stuck and running late, thankfully it wasn’t too bad as we don’t open at 7am, but many companies would have been affected too because of late staff members” explained Hicham Mouden CEO of Sales Ambassadors.

Climate change is a huge issue, and groups like XR are becoming more and more common in the fight for change to save our planet, but do you think these kind of protests send the right message? Where you affected by the protests, or a part of them? Get in touch if you were, Sales Ambassadors would love to hear from you!

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