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Sale at Browns of Weston

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Browns of Weston, a family run business with 2 stores and a new website, are now cheaper than the Dorma website for the new Dorma range.

Browns of Weston are suppliers of leading brands such as Dorma, Fogarty, Surrey Down, Bedeck, Christys, Turner Bianca, Faupel, Rectella and more, and can bring you the best prices instore and online. We believe that with the economic crisis, everybody could do with a little more comfort.

While other retailers are going out of business and shutting down, Browns of Weston celebrated their 100 year anniversary in November 2009, and now have a success website with customers all over the world logging on to get the best bedding available.

For more information go to www.brownsofweston.co.uk

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Angela RiceAngela Rice

Tel: 0193462080601934620806

Email: angela@brownsofweston.co.ukangela@brownsofweston.co.uk

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