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SafetyDirect Latest Edition of Clean Room Vinyl Gloves at Ireland

Press Release: October 09, 2015

When your hand’s protection is the question, we answer back only with quality at affordable price. Gloves at Safety Direct have been produced for more than two decades and ensure top quality with utmost protection at your workplace.

October-2015, Ireland. Clean rooms are sterile environments used for manufacturing or scientific research purposes. Is an environment like that, contamination is a serious issue and hence appropriate gloves need to be used. Safety Direct provides you with vinyl gloves well suited for use in clean rooms.

Clean room vinyl gloves at Safety Direct are from Superior. The gloves are specially manufactures for contamination free work in clean room and come with additional qualities such as low particulate synthetic surface and protein free material. To view the entire range available, browse online and pick a pair that meets your clean room sanitation demands.

Safety Direct understands the genuine requirements of the customers and their need for ensuring the supreme level of safety and protection in the workplace. Through thorough updating, upgrading and testing the products on an on-going basis, the company also ensures perfect quality standards that are met on every order and shipment.

About Safety Direct

Safety Direct is the leading supplier of health, safety and hygiene products. Based in Ireland with an experience of over two decades in sourcing and providing quality reliable products, Safety Direct also has its online store, thus facilitating its buyers. The online store has over 15,000 products sourced from the leading industry manufacturers. The website of Safety Direct is made with ease of usage priority.

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