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Sachin Tendulkar on boarded as the ambassador for Livpure's sleeping solution range

Press Release: December 11, 2020

A union of passion, solution, talent & innovation!


Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is now onboard with Livpure Sleep, the sleep & wellness solution brand by Livpure. He has been an integral part of the Livpure family for about eight years now. Having endorsed products like water purifiers by the brand, the legend will be now promoting the goodness of pleasant sleep and it's benefits. 


Livpure Sleep’s ideology of compassing innovations & technology together for providing a better living to its consumers and Mr. Sachin's wisdom for a better tomorrow go hand in hand. When combined, they will create a lasting impression on the consumers who are looking for sleeping solutions to heal their routine and better their life. 


Being the face of the brand, this maestro believes in the ethics of having products that are a solution for a given issue. Products that are innovations beyond measure, taking forward Livpure's legacy with a whole new selection of sleeping solutions for everyone. Mr. Tendulkar believes that the sleep and wellness range will serve a wide range of people across the country who suffer from hectic schedules. 


To revolutionize the market, Livpure's exceedingly high-quality products are here to be explored and endorsed by none other than the one who has the best eye when it comes to quality & strength. 


The “God of Cricket” has been the face of several famous brands for almost a decade. His associations with environmental issues & world bettering agendas are adorned by many. The essence of the brand and the ethos of Mr. Sachin blend well, providing customers with trust & motivation. 


Livpure's Sleep Solutions as Perceived By the Legend.


When Sachin is on the screen, be it the ground or some endorsement, the nation's eyes are glued to the television. Such is his presence in the lives of people across the nation. He is quite excited to be the ambassador of sleeping solutions that cater to individuals sleeping issues, helping them relax well every day. 


He continues to rule our hearts, and so is the vision of the brand for their whole new range of sleeping solutions. He has been a driving force for many social causes and brands till now. His words & ideologies resonate within people, creating impressions on the people of this nation and beyond. 


About Livpure Sleep and the association with Mr. Tendulkar


Livpure is one of the flagships of SAR Group, specializing in products that aids in everyday domestic needs such as water purifiers, air conditioners, and more. They have embarked on their journey on sleeping solutions, a practical & affordable range of pillows, mattresses, and more.


Mr. Tendulkar's association with Livpure Sleep will help bridge the gap between sleep disorders & solutions for people. A night of good sleep is understated, but with the right products & awareness, one can understand the importance. 


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