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Sabec Ltd releases Scalextric on Nintendo switch

Press Release: June 14, 2018

Thursday 14th June 2018: Scalextric (owned by Hornby Hobbies Ltd) will this week launch Scalextric on the Nintendo Switch with this new game taking Scalextric racing to new and exciting heights.
The Scalextric game can be downloaded from the 12th June 2018 from the Nintendo Switch eShop, priced at £9.99
Sabec Limited is a leading developer of high-quality innovative games, creating games offering a wide range of captivating and innovative games to players across the globe on multiple platforms.
The company recently announced the launch of its racing game, Scalextric, on Nintendo Switch, which allows players to enjoy racing with a unique feature, the track builder, which enables players to build their own circuits and then racing them in stunning High Definition and re-discovering the magic of Scalextric, anwhere, anytime.
This is all made possible thanks to our innovative, yet easy to use track builder with players now being abble to use their creativity to build exciting circuits to race on, over and over again, making no race the same, just like the real sets.
Scalextric on Nintendo Swith comes with an unlimited number of track pieces and twelve pre-built World circuits.
Players have the option of racing either against their friends or the games artificial intelligence (AI) player. There are four classic cars to choose from, which can be customised to suit the player’s preference. The games racing engine has been developed so players can easily change their viewpoint anytime, even while racing, to get the best possible view of the action.
Scalextric is currently available on Nintendo Switch, making it possible for lovers of racing games to enjoy one of the most captivating racing games ever.
More information about the game and how to download it can be found on here.
About Scalextric
The exciting world of Scalextric (owned by Hornby Hobbies Ltd) lets you race for real.  Recreating the international motorsport’s elite for over 50 years, Scalextric is the world’s leading slot racing system.

The iconic British brand, Scalextric has produced incredible slot racing products since 1957. Scalextric recently introduced their amazing Digital system, which offers realistic overtaking for up to six players. Over the years, Scalextric has replicated some of history’s most famous vehicles and licensed cars, including cars from James Bond, Disney/Pixar, Lotus, McLaren and BMW. Scalextric is, and always has been, a brand in pole position.
The Hornby brand is a household name and famous as the UK brand leader in model railways. As a Company it has evolved to incorporate famous UK brands such as Airfix and Humbrol in model kits and paints, Corgi in die-cast models and Scalextric with world-class slot racing.
Hornby have expanded internationally with the acquisition of European model railway brands of Electrotren in Spain, Rivarossi and Lima in Italy, Jouef in France and Arnold in Germany. Hornby are also the UK and Ireland distributor for the famous model horse brand Breyer.
Hornby’s vision is to be the first choice in models and hobbies.

About Sabec Ltd.
Sabec Ltd has been a leading developer of groundbreaking and innovative games since it was founded in 1993. Over the years, Sabec Ltd has created a wide range licensed games on a number of platforms, Worldwide,

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