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RumbleTalk Launches Fintech Solutions for Group Chat

Press Release: April 03, 2020

PRESS RELEASE - Israel-based start-up, RumbleTalk, has recently launched its fintech solutions for its group chat products.
RumbleTalk offers moderated group chat solutions to its customers such as churches, trading groups, and non-profit organizations. These customers are using RumbleTalk more of an internal communication platform instead of something like Zoom or Skype which is mainly used for live streaming calls. RumbleTalk's strength lies in its ability to give a chat admin more control in order to organize a group chat session. Some of RumbleTalk's customers are SolarWinds, Wix, and Agora Financial.
As the demand for seamless fintech solutions using messaging platforms, the RumbleTalk team have come up with a seamless approach in collecting a payment and even monetizing a customer's exclusive chat room. RumbleTalk has recently launch 2 fintech solutions for group chat owners. These are:
PayConnect - It enables RumbleTalk chat owners to monetize their chat rooms by placing a joining fee for users to enter their exclusive chatroom.
InChatPay - It allows RumbleTalk users to send instant payment via a private chat using PayPal as a medium of transfer.
RumbleTalk's key features are the Q&A mode which enables the chat admin to mute everyone during a chat session, and another feature is its content-sharing intext feature which you can hyperlink the text that you will send to share a document, a website, or even a presentation.
And with the addition of PayConnect and InChatPay, RumbleTalk users now have the opportunity to monetize their expertise through their exclusive group chat rooms.
We'll be glad to give you a demo and show how RumbleTalk can help your business sustain customer engagement while monetizing your group chat sessions. Send us an email and our sales team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Click the link to contact us.

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