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Rulingrex an Underground Artist From Nepal

Press Release: May 07, 2020




Underground Rapper Rulingrex ( Saimon Karki) has been crushing the rap scene since he was 17 years old. Rulingrex cites Much Rap Artist as his influence in the early days, and his dream is to work with popular artists. Rulingrex has gained a multitude of followers since his days of small shows at the Small road concerts. Rulingrex first music “MayDay” made him a bit famous among rappers. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of their hometown, RulingRex aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Their signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions. This musician is on the rise, and nothing can stop them from achieving the success they work so hard for.


My Experiences
Rulingrex has been able to win the heart of many people, he has experience in drumming, recording and editing on his own. BSc(Hons)Computing experiences with music in his blood. His songs are self-recorded and self-mastered/engineered. Starting the career from the underground rap he is now know all over the world. Successful in publishing music on more than 200+ platforms. worldwide  

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