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Ruby inventor “Matz” speaks at Bath Ruby conference

Press Release: March 22, 2018

21 March 2017 (Bath, England) Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, the chief designer of the Ruby programming language, will be making his first appearance at a Ruby conference in the UK for many years when he attends this year’s Bath Ruby conference taking place 22-23 March.

Famous for his friendly and personable demeanor (which has resulted in the Ruby community motto “Matz is nice and so we are nice,” or MINASWAN) the respected and influential programmer will be delivering the conference’s keynote address on Thursday morning.

Bath Ruby 2018 will be the conference’s third edition, with over 500 attendees coming to the Georgian city from around the world for two days of speakers, workshops, and networking. Held at the Forum, an art-deco former cinema in the centre of town, the event kicks off on Thursday morning just before Matz’s speech and finishes with an after-party on Friday evening.

To further foster interest in Ruby among the UK programming community, Matz today attended the first ever Ruby Hack Challenge (RHC) held outside of Japan, which was held at the headquarters of Cookpad in Bristol. The RHC is a one-day event where participants will be taught how to extend Ruby features, fix bugs, and improve the performance of Ruby.

The focus of the hack was the Ruby Interpreter which instructs computers how to run programs written in Ruby code. One of the goals of the hack allowed participants to directly contribute to the next version of the Ruby Interpreter.

One of the biggest websites in Japan, Cookpad recently opened a new headquarters in Bristol to lead its global expansion. A key objective for the company is to foster a thriving Ruby community in the UK, and in the Bath and Bristol area in particular. Hosting an RHC in Bristol, and being lead sponsor of the premier Ruby conference in the UK in nearby Bath, is an important step in the process.

Ruby founder Matz says, “I am really delighted to be in Bath for the Bath Ruby Conference and to have the chance to interact with Ruby users from the UK again. Ruby’s most precious resource is its community. A welcoming, supportive atmosphere encourages us to help each other and accomplish greatest things. Having a conference in the UK like Bath Ruby is an important way to keep the community strong and vibrant.

“We are working hard to ensure that Ruby the language is as good as it can be, but it is the community of Ruby users that makes it special and an excellent language to develop in.”

Simon Starr, organiser of the Bath Ruby conference, says, “Having Matz on our roster as the keynote speaker, plus the Ruby Hack Challenge in Bristol the day before, really makes the Bath Ruby conference stand out. It’s an exciting event to organise, and I know the Ruby community is taking real interest.“

Cookpad CTO Miles Woodroffe says, “Ruby is loved by programmers around the world for its emphasis on elegant and beautiful code. As a company built on Ruby and based in the South West of England we're excited to support the Bath Ruby Conference and welcome Matz, Koichi and Yusuke to Bristol for the first Ruby Hack Challenge outside of Japan.”

Bristol based Ruby programmer Jaycee Cheong says, “I could not believe it when I saw Matz’s name on the Bath Ruby lineup. It was a massive surprise, and amazing to have a speaker of this calibre at a conference on my doorstep. I’ve been to conferences around Europe and he is by far the most exciting guest I’ve ever encountered.

“Normally at a Ruby conference you meet people who work with the language, but Matz actually develops the language itself. At the Cookpad RHC today he has already given me a real insight into how the language has evolved over time. I can’t wait to learn more at Bath Ruby tomorrow and Friday.”

Bath Ruby: Following the first conference in 2015, which was attended by developers from around the world, the Bath Ruby conference is back for its third inception in 2018. This year over 500 attendees will be packing the Forum, an art-deco landmark in the city centre, and hearing from a roster of twelve featured speakers compered by web artist Ruth John. After selling out the first two ticket releases, a few remaining tickets are available on the door for £199 each (students £59).

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