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RTB Game Consultancy is the new consultancy firm for game studios

Press Release: November 15, 2019

RTB Game Consultancy is the new consultancy firm for game studios, games investors and stakeholders that actively search an opportunity with gaming

In a society where gaming is about to takeover, it is essential to have a team of gaming consultants saddled with the responsibility of placing focus on delivering top notch, ultra-modern design and product-management solutions that essentially drive healthy KPIs, from retention to monetization to making things viral.
Amsterdam, November 14th, 2019.

As a dedicated gaming consultancy firm, RTB Game Consultancy offers an unparalleled collection of services for games studios, corporate business developers and gaming investors. We structure investment opportunities and undertake detailed research in creating a bespoke gaming experience for our clients and gamers.

‍Our discoveries, conclusions and endorsements are based exclusively on our qualitative and quantative research, highly detailed analysis and decades of experience.

RTB Game Consultancy doesn't tell clients necessarily what they want to hear: they tell them what they need to know and ensure overall satisfaction of their clients.

The firm is actively helping brands and organizations reach their target audience so that they can achieve their goals.

Their in-depth analysis and research on new gaming products & services and innovations distinguishes them from every other gaming consultancy team.

The team possesses cutting edge expertise in each of the consulting areas mentioned below, this way they can maximize each of their client's success.

All of their team-members have at least several decades of gaming knowledge, expertise and acumen. They are eager to share with the world, the amazing innovations and discoveries embedded in their very own team.

If you want to get in contact and discuss how RTB Game Consultancy can assist you, then go to their site; http://www.rtbgameconsultancy.com.

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