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RSA Conference 2017 set to open on Monday, Complete Messaging is preparing to make a big announcement

Press Release: February 12, 2017

RSA Conference 2017 is set to open on Monday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Complete Messaging, a Microsoft partner and independent software vendor that provides security and productivity software solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server, is preparing to make key announcements on its product line, and in particular about its two ActiveSync-focused solutions, security-focused SyncPlus Redact and productivity-focused SyncPlus Reveal.

SyncPlus Redact protects company reputation and raises awareness of sensitive data policies by identifying and reducing incidents of sensitive data ex-filtration via ActiveSync, such as credit card numbers, government identification numbers, and messages with sensitive message classifications. ActiveSync exposes the risk of synchronization of data at rest, which is not caught by traditional data loss prevention mechanisms that focus on data in motion, for example, data loss prevention rules in Exchange Server transport.

SyncPlus Reveal shows ActiveSync mobile users important properties of messages that the mobile client may not show, such as the sensitivity, the classification, and the importance of the mail message, as well as other custom properties. These properties are generally useful and sometimes critical when a user is triaging the Inbox, and determining what messages to act on. ActiveSync implementations on mobile devices are vendor-specific, and often implemented with minimal message fidelity in particular when it comes to displaying message properties such as sensitivity and classification.

“We’re excited that our product announcements will coincide with the RSA Conference,” said Brian Clink, president of Complete Messaging. “We are focused on securing and enhancing Exchange ActiveSync, and making the Exchange administrator’s job easier.”

SyncPlus Redact and SyncPlus Reveal solutions are available on an annual subscription model. Free limited-time trials are available.


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