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Press Release: June 15, 2020




If you are a food business owner and haven’t tried HDBOX.com yet then you are missing something big time. Anyways here is another big news for you just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy a fun ride. HDBOX has introduced its app which can be downloaded from Google play store for free.   

Now you can create custom made ads using professional food stock footages 100% free

HDBOX app is as simple as its website is. You simply need to download the app and when you get its icon on your mobile screen just tap on the icon to launch or open the app. When the home screen of the app appears you will find plenty of food videos along with the fresh and popular video thumbnails for your convenience. You will find two options same as on HDBOX.com “Create your free ad” and “Stock footages”. Free ads option gives you an option to choose any montage (combination of different royalty free food videos in one clip) to create free ad which you can use anywhere on social media, emails and messaging similarly stock footages option lets you choose any stock footage (one stock video in one clip) and create free ad.

How difficult is the process to create a free video ad?

Absolutely not with HDBOX app or its website its as simple as A.B.C. When you get your app downloaded as first step choose any stock video,


free video ad in

3 easy steps”


Second step is adding details you require either you enter your business name only or design the entire template by uploading your logo, choosing font, music and background color or just upload logo, end slide and choose music. You can even just enter your name or upload logo and skip all the steps you can you are free to add as many details as you want or just add your name. When you are done with the details your ad is ready for the preview and download.

How can include my picture in my a free video ad?

It’s very simple with HDBOX app or HDBOX.com you can easily include any predesigned template or pre shot image to your free ad. When you select the video and proceed to include your details after adding brand, company, product or business name move next upload logo (if you have or simply skip the slide). You will see one of the slides as upload end slide here you can upload the image or predesigned end slide. 

“Upload logo or design

the entire template

or just upload

pre-designed end-slide”


Simply download share anywhere you want. But don’t forget to tell them the secret recipe of your free food video ad.


Can we download HD royalty free stock Videos?

Yes you can. HDBOX.com offers you the best quality HD stock videos which you can download by paying 95% less as compare to the other royalty free stock footage websites. If you have any story board HDBOX.com offers you the production services. Just email your story board at info@hdbox.com or support@hdbox.com for estimate calculation and receive best compatible prices.

“HDBOX.com also offers

film production services to

shoot your story board”

HDBOX provides you a free video ad maker where you can create free food videos shot by professional tabletop food directors or using 2d and 3d stock food footages. If you further need HD stock video you just need to login and check out with your favorite HD stock footage from stock footage library. Using HDBOX.com ‘s free food ad maker you can create free advertisement of your business with in no time specially when food video clips are as professional as you see in topline table top topshowreels.


HDBOX is improving stock video quality-How?

Today YouTube is the fastest growing medium, among all other mediums and every big network e.g; fb, Instagram and etc are focusing to promote their video features to grab more traffic and remain in the main stream. Now Customers need to be tempted by showing them how the food is going to look which they want to order…customers try different food by looking at the visuals and especially when they are on hunt for new food places.

“HDBOX has a wide range

of professionally shot footages

using western, indian dishes”



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