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Royal Wins Releases Pool Party and Perilous Posse for iOS

Press Release: February 03, 2016

Skill hybrid online casino developer, Royal Wins, has just announced the release of two new games for the iOS versions of the Kash Karnival. Pool Party (slot hybrid) and Perilous Posse (skill hybrid) join the fray alongside the existing four offerings currently available on the mobile versions of this skill-based social casino.

Pool Party, set in Viktor's bar, is a slot game accessed via the Adventure Casino. It plays 5 reels and 50 lines and offers the biggest payouts in the Karnival - up to 100x bets. Much like all of Kash Karnival's casino games, it introduces elements of skill into an otherwise chance-based game. There are two skill feature rounds. Players can win a "Double Shot" when two or more of the same numbered ball symbols align with a Wild icon, presenting the player the opportunity to sink a ball on a pool table to double their winnings for that line. 3 or more scatters will trigger the "Pool Party" second screen feature where the players again jump on to a pool table, only this time they are trying to sink as many balls as possible. The value of each ball is equal to the total bet they played when they triggered the feature. When they return to the slots screen, players are guaranteed 20 free spins, in which time each scatter symbol that appears will award them to the value of their total winnings from the second screen feature.

Perilous Posse is a physics-based racer in the Skill District of the Kash Karnival. Players take control of vehicle acceleration and tilt as they race against time in this side scrolling platformer. The aim is to reach the end of the sloped and hill-heavy levels before time runs out, conquering obstacles along the way by smashing through them or by jumping or flipping over them. Smashing obstacles presents the possibility of collecting a power-up. Temporary aids for the level such as speed boosts, extra time or lives, or a spiked bull-bar that tears down all obstacles. As they progress past levels 5 and 10 the players will unlock the grappling hook and nitrous respectively to help them as the levels progressively increase in difficulty.

The Kash Karnival on mobile and tablets is ever expanding to pioneer skill wagering games. The app now has 160,000 players and growing at a rapid rate. The attraction of a younger audience is a direct result of the game's unique Kash Store that allows players to redeem their winnings for real world items.

Royal Wins' vision has always been to disrupt, democratise and open up the online casino gaming industry such that it is free of all barriers and all adults can play and win differently, in as many ways as possible. Although not currently in real money, it remains the aim to achieve this vision through the Kash Karnival as it introduces what Royal Wins believes to be the next big step for social casinos and gambling worldwide in the ability to bet on skill instead of just chance.

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