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Role of General Contractors in a Construction Project

Press Release: February 12, 2021

In simple terms, a general contractor is like a manager who takes care of to and fro of a construction project. From day to day minute matters to site management to issues like material, labor, and equipment – a general contractor is responsible for every single aspect of a construction project. As one of the best choices for contractor services in Orlando, Quality Plus LLC in this blog explains the Role of General Contractors in a Construction Project. These roles of General Contractors in a Construction Project apply to Orlando and rest of the world. 

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#i) General Contractor is accountable for overall coordination in any construction project. One project can have one or a team of general contractors. 

#ii) General Contractor is expected to report to client, project architect and project manager. The work location of General Contractor is the construction site itself. 

iii) In case of large size construction projects, General Contractors may employ sub-contractors for assistance. 

iv) General Contractors aid in documentation work of construction project such as building permits. 

v) General Contractor can advise the construction team and client for implementing new trends in the construction process. 

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vi)  Security, arranging temporary utilities of construction site, site surveying and engineering, disposing of construction waste, monitoring work schedule and cash flow, and maintaining accurate record and updates of project – all are included in the job profile of a General Contractor of a construction site. 

vii) General Contractor may require communicating with different parties involved in the construction project at different stages, as and when required. 

viii) General Contractors maintain financial data and record of the construction project. 

ix) legal and regulatory requirements of a construction project is also taken care of by the General Contractor. 

x) General contractors also develop risk mitigation strategies of construction projects. 

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