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Robot Finds Your Ultimate Beer Match this Valentine's Day

Press Release: February 14, 2017

A social media chatbot using artificial intelligence has been created which determines the perfect craft beer match for men and women this Valentine’s Day.

The chatbot was designed by craft beer retailer Beer Cartel during a conference with business leadership organisation Business Blueprint. A chatbot is a computer program which can conduct a conversation with real people and simulates how a human operator would converse. The chatbot can be accessed through Facebook Messenger which now has well over a billion users.

The chatbot known as “The Beer Love Bot” was created in just 6 hours as part of a chatbot building competition. It asks users to review 10 entertaining sets of images of men or women and choose the attributes they would look for in a prospective partner. The chatbot then provides a recommendation of one of 24 craft beers based on these attributes.

Richard Kelsey, Director of Beer Cartel said the chatbot was a chance to have a bit of fun and experiment with new technology.

“Craft beer and new technology go hand in hand, so we thought this was a great way to showcase some of our beer range while providing a really entertaining medium to talk about craft beer,’” said Mr Kelsey.

“We had such little time to work on the project but I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved and I think others will have fun with it.”

Key aspects of the chatbot:

- Designed in just 6 hours
- Operates as a chatbot on Facebook Messenger
- Provides a selection of 10 entertaining sets of images of men or women to determine a person’s ideal craft beer match

Dale Beaumont CEO of Business Blueprint said he was super impressed at what Beer Cartel created in just a few hours.

“There were people at our conference who were raving about how fun the app was to use and were instantly sharing it with other friends to encourage them to see their beer love match,” said Mr Beaumont.

“It was great to see how technology, beer and Valentine’s Day can all come together in a fun and entertaining way,” he said.

To try the chatbot go to http://m.me/BeerCartel. Note: Opens in Facebook Messenger, best accessed from a mobile phone.

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