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Rob Lee says “Local radio won’t die with rfm uk”

Press Release: June 10, 2020

The R Cast Radio's CEO Rob Lee revealed a whole new schedule and format for the leading brand rfm UK in which saw a handful of presenters given the push from the network in a new bid to limit networked shows airing and produce more local content.

Rob told how "angry" he is with Bauer after they announced that their now rebranding 48 local stations including one of Rob's locals Radio Norwich

Rob added "I pity them, looking back at what global did with Heart in 2008 buying out tons of local stations which at the time included my local Essex FM, it almost feels like they're killing local radio"

Rob told us that he would not let the "big boys" as he today called Bauer "kill off local radio" despite offers to sell rfm UK (the leading brand of R Cast) which reaches over 25,000 listeners across the UK and globally. Rob confirmed that he has no intentions of selling up the R Cast Radio brand or any of it's stations. Rob added "We WILL recreate local radio from the heart of Norwich and there's NO stopping us"

You can tune into rfm UK on various radio apps or directly online at rcastradio.co.uk

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