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Roadsky Traffic Safety Launches Two Component Road Marking Project

Press Release: March 30, 2016

Since the operation of thermoplastic road marking is complex, and cold airless spraying marking is weak in wear resistance, Roadsky Traffic Safety recently launched two component road marking projects to improve the road marking performance.

“Two component road marking is more effective than traditional road marking methods,” said Johnson Dai, owner of Roadsky Traffic Safety. “For example, the thermoplastic road marking needs 7 people and 8 hours for a 600 square meter road marking work. However, two component road marking only need 4 people and 4 hours for the same work.”

Roadsky Traffic Safety has developed both two component road marking equipment and dedicated paint for this project. Two component road marking equipment is different from thermoplastic and cold plastic road marking. It forms coating relying on chemical reaction instead of physical drying such as temperature falling or solvent (water-based) volatilizing.

Roadsky Traffic Safety equipped the two component marking machine with high pressure diaphragm pump as its spray pump. The air pump and two high pressure diaphragm pumps are driven by gasoline engine through belt driving. “Compared with high pressure plunger pump, the high pressure diaphragm pump has advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high pumping frequency.” said Johnson Dai.

The dedicated two-component solvent-free spraying road marking paint is composed of methyl methacrylate, special functionality of acrylic ester, plasticizing acrylic ester and etc. Its curing velocity is quick, the application performance is excellent.

The introduction of two component road marking equipment and paint has been added to the official site of Roadsky Traffic Safety. Customers can visit roadsky.org to view more information.

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