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River City Stars Help SCIAFs Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Press Release: January 20, 2010

Soap stars Libby McArthur and Sally Howitt joined forces with Scotlands aid agency, SCIAF to help survivors of the Haiti earthquake, today.
The pair, who star in River City, joined staff at SCIAFs Glasgow office to answer calls from members of the public wishing to make donations to the emergency appeal and open mail.

Libby said: Weve come to help answer the phones and open the mail at SCIAF today because what has happened in Haiti is terrible and we want to help out in any way we can. The response to SCIAFs Haiti Earthquake Appeal has been fantastic. Calls, online donations and post are coming in from all over Scotland to help the survivors of this terrible disaster. The Scots are always so generous but Id urge everyone to continue giving whatever they can.

Generous people from across Scotland have donated almost £250,000 to SCIAFs Haiti Earthquake Appeal so far. Just this morning the charity received over £78,800 but more money is urgently needed for the ongoing rescue mission.

Sally added: When something awful like this happens you might think that there is nothing you can do to help. But by supporting charities like SCIAF you really can make a difference. It is good to know that a Scottish agency is directly involved in helping to get relief to the many thousands of people in urgent need.
SCIAF is working with Caritas Internationalis the global network of development charities to ensure that emergency aid is reaching people on the ground. This includes: food, water, hygiene kits, 200,000 blankets, 15,000 tents, water cans and water purification tablets, medicine and fuel. Specialist staff and further aid is on the way. Two mobile operating theatres and six mobile clinics have also been set up.

Caritas rescue teams pulled three survivors from the rubble on Saturday, five days after the disaster. Twenty trucks of Caritas aid arrived in Port-au-Prince on Sunday and a team of hundreds of volunteers are distributing aid.

SCIAFs Chief executive Paul Chitnis said: I would really like to thank Libby and Sally for coming along today and offering their support. We have seen an incredible response from people across Scotland in the wake of this terrible disaster. These vital funds will ensure aid continues to get to those in need so that they can survive, recover and rebuild. I would to appeal to the public to keep doing whatever they can to help agencies such as SCIAF so that we can continue to deliver emergency aid and support Haitis long term recovery.

To donate to SCIAFs Haiti Earthquake Appeal, visit http://www.sciaf.org.uk or call 0800 0279 005.

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