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Ritual To Banish Brexit Demon with John Higgs, The Indelicates, Happening in Brighton October 12th

Press Release: September 27, 2017


On October 12th, 2017, A Ritual Will be conducted at The Rialto Theatre, Brighton, to banish the Demon styling himself variously as Mr. Punch, Jimmy Savile, Spring-Heel Jack, The Lord of Misrule etcetera. In our investigations, we have determined that this figure is responsible in large part for the re-emergence of nationalism, petty-mindedness, misery and fruitless discord; for the black mass marketed as ‘Brexit’; and for the assassinations of many beloved celebrities in 2016. We will be doing all we can to send him back.

You’re welcome.

Participating directly will be Lewes based band The Indelicates who will be launching their 6th studio album, Juniverbrecher to coincide with the ritual. They are joined by author John Higgs, whose biography of the KLF is the definitive account of chaos magick and the acts that gave birth to the twenty-first century and whose new book, Watling Street, tells the hidden history of Modern Britain. Fortean journalist and experienced magician, Cat Vincent will conduct the ritual itself.

The evening will also feature a traditional Punch and Judy Show from Professor Harry Quinn, a lecture on Brexit and hiking from James Burt and difficult sounds from Percus Fink.

Indelicates singer, Simon Indelicate said, “during the making of our new record, we found ourselves repeatedly drawn to the aesthetics of 70s council house poltergeists, the echoing bray of Jimmy Savile from the front room and the claustrophobic sense that Britain was being haunted in some way, by something cruel and nasty. As this figure coalesced into the Mr. Punch character who adorns the album’s front cover, we knew we’d have to do something about him.”

The Indelicates have also released an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience to support the record which is for sale on the Oculus Store and has sold well all over the world. While other bands have released 360 degree videos, The Indelicates have pioneered true, live rendered VR pop singles and this one, placing you into the middle of a 70s council house haunting, is their best to date. The band would like to extend the opportunity to try out the experience by arrangement.

THE OCTOBER RITUAL WILL BE CONDUCTED on OCTOBER 12th, 2017 @ The Rialto Theatre, £8, Doors 7pm.

For further information on the ritual, please contact:
James Burt on 07976 463716, or by email james@orbific.com.

For further information on The Indelicates or to try out the VR Experience contact:
Julia on 07919 221742 or by email panache124@hotmail.com

Pioneering DIY UK artists The Indelicates have spent the greater part of the last decade forging their own quixotic path through the music industry. They’ve played all over the world and supported acts like Art Brut, Amanda Palmer and We Are Scientists - as well as being wildly inventive with their commercial releases, producing all manner of books, keepsakes and Virtual Reality Viewers. Fans include author Neil Gaiman who called the new album ‘a reason for celebration!’.

John Higgs’ new book Watling Street was released in July and tells the hidden history of modern Britain through one of its oldest roads. It has been widely praised, including enthusiastic reviews in the Financial Times, The Lady, Observer and the Daily Express.

Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent is a Fortean journalist, multi-model occultist, ‘cunning-man' and former professional combat magician: An active participant of the British Discordian revival, his articles, spoken word performances and public rituals focus on the relationship between myth, fiction, landscape and magic. His first book - ‘New Gods and Monsters’, on the evolution of pop culture beliefs - is forthcoming.

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