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Rita Trehan And The Book Titled “Capacity-Driven Business: HR for the 21st Century”

Press Release: September 23, 2015

Rita Trehan (http://ritatrehan.com/) is very pleased to present a very helpful book for all business leaders, company owners, employers and employees and everyone. The book’s title is “Capacity-Driven Business: HR for the 21st Century,” and it is beneficial for all who wants to know the significance of HR in any business, its functions, and more. For all people who haven’t bought the book yet, this is the time to go to bookstores and get it now.

Rita Trehan is an experienced individual who has helped in transforming numerous companies into the best they can be. She is not only focused on providing business development strategies as she’s also concerned with the progress of human resources in a company, she is a global HR leader after all for big named-companies such as AES Corp. and Honeywell. In the book, there are different points discussed by Rita and that includes the significance of HR in terms of developing the organizational capacity of everyone and not the “people-focused processes and programs.”

Here are some of the key points worth noting, “Business needs HR to determine whether the company is prepared to meet specific demands of a competitive marketplace, and what its strategies really require in terms of resources. To do this, HR must set its sights on the business, not the function. It’s time for HR leaders to lead — not simply participate in — the corporate budget and strategy conversation as the voice of organizational capacity. HR needs to build its own talent base with an eye toward capacity.”

It is pretty interesting how many points and learning you will get from one book alone, and its future impact to your company and business. Knowing and testing the capacity of each person may be difficult at first, but with Rita Trehan’s assistance, it will be hassle-free.

If you are interested in knowing more about Rita Trehan and the services she provides, go to http://ritatrehan.com/.

About Rita Trehan:

Rita Trehan is a leading business figure who helped transformed Fortune 200 companies. Her career as a global HR leader for top companies like AES Corp. and Honeywell made her come up with numerous strategtic solutions which will provide effective business results. For interested parties who want to contact her, they can send an email directly to her at rita@ritatrehan.com or tweet her at Rita_Trehan. For more info, please visit her website http://ritatrehan.com/.

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