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RiskView Magazine Highlights the Danger of Technology in the 21st Century.

Press Release: October 03, 2015

The 21st century is filled with innovations that will create awe and wonder for mankind. We live in a golden age of creation where robots and flying cars are within our reach. But, the future is not without its price.

Dangers of technology lurk in every latest innovation headline in the news. Every new paragon of Silicon Valley creates evil that is hell-bent on disrupting progress and threatening our own livelihood. Today, one single click can destroy an entire company!

According to a research from IBM and Ponemon institute, the average total cost of a data breach is 3.79 million dollars. The research is unsettling because someone out there is trying to steal a bunch of data that could potentially be our data!

Our social security number, our address, our password; imagine if a stranger had access to your house. A data breach is not something to be treated lightly. That’s why we need to have a proper knowledge to combat these phenomenon.

The first edition of RiskView Magazine highlights both the danger and the opportunity of the cyber world:

How safe is your password?
How to build a better cyber security?
Can we take cyber security for granted?

RiskView holds no punches on answering those questions. The magazine also explore topics in cyber risk management that will enrich our knowledge on cyber security.

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