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Rise in tuition fees deter school and college leavers from university

Press Release: March 11, 2010

The UKs only student and employer matchmaking site, http://www.studentgems.com asked 1,052 18 21 year old across the UK how the £2.5bn budget cut will affect their decision to go to university.

1 in 5, 19% have said that the budget cut has made the possibility of university impossible, believing that working long hours whilst studying is pointless and feeling it defeats the point of university.

Of those asked, 48% said that the possibility of them having to fund themselves entirely through university could potentially prevent them from going altogether. Whilst 16% said that it will not affect them at all.

32% of the school and college leavers said that they are relying on their parents to fund them through their studies, and are not aware of the funding or tuition fees.

46% said that if they needed to get a part time job as well as study than they wouldnt attend university; however 23% said that they have worked throughout their A-Levels and had already assumed that they would work whilst studying for their degree.

71% said that they would have to fund themselves entirely through university, with no help whatsoever from the government. Of those who have to fund themselves over half, 58%, said that they are prepared to work multiple jobs and practically full time hours in order to complete their degree.

9% of those polled said they would have gone to university if it was free for the fun and socialising but the increase in tuition fees has deterred them.

Sue Harrison, co-founder of Studentgems.com has said,

It is worrying that half of our talented young people may not be able to fulfil their ambitions and continue into higher education.

She continues,

This is why our site was made; it gives students great opportunities to work on relevant and helpful projects for either a small or large amount of time. More importantly, it allows them to earn a wage that could help significantly to the cost of their studies, whilst gaining vital career-specific experience.


For further information on studentgems.com, its founders Joanna Ward and Sue Harrison or to look at successful case studies of students who have made money and improved their CVs through using the service please contact Charlotte Horsfall,10 Yetis Public Relations Agency, 01452 348211 or email on charlotte@10yetis.co.uk

Link: http://www.studentgems.com

Editors Notes

When two company directors needed a photographer for a project on a tight budget, they reasoned that a student would be able to do the job. They eventually found a student who did an outstanding job, gained valuable experience, was paid £300 and saved the directors an estimated £300 in the process.

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