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“Ripper2” by James Stewart is published

Press Release: August 17, 2019

ISBN #978-1789555035

“Ripper2” by James Stewart is published

DI Turnbull is involved in a gripping new murder mystery

About the Book:
Amid the gristly serial killings of a deranged psychopath, a father stands accused of filicide - the murder of his own daughter... His alleged crime is strikingly similar to the ones causing terror in the Bradford community by the predator known as The Ripper.
The lead investigator of the Bradford Murder Squad, DI Turnbull, is back - his task to distinguish fact from fiction and untangle evidence that points in alarming directions. Did this man murder his own daughter? And if he did, is he indeed Ripper2?
Taut, stark and outright mysterious, James Stewart's newest novel will keep his readers guessing well beyond the last page...

About the Book:

In an almost unprecedented career move, a Senior Yorkshire Judge has turned himself into a prolific novelist. James Stewart, the well-known former Recorder of Bradford, has this month published his fourth novel in just a year. James, who as a QC worked out of the top Leeds Chambers at Park Court, was involved in many high profile criminal cases all over the UK and in the South Pacific. Then, as a judge, he presided over some of the notorious murder cases that came before the Bradford and Leeds Courts. The experience of these cases lies behind all his novels. The first, The Honour Killing, came out in late 2017 (under the pseudonym J S Hamilton), to be followed by Missing, about a vanished au pair girl, and then Slaughter, followed by Ripper2 (all written under the name James Stewart).

Excerpt from the book:

“What do you think?” Turnbull asked Jasper.
“Well, sir, Ted Kitchen had the opportunity in the house to kill Barbara. His wife had gone to work and his son had gone to school. There is blood in the cellar to corroborate the place of the killing. He, on the face of it, is the only one with an opportunity. She was never seen making her way to school by our two witnesses, one on Park Drive, one on Emm Lane. Kitchen’s route to Silsden took him past the river at Ben Rhydding. I doubt he dumped the body in daylight. He would have waited until his return from work in the dark. That explains his late arrival at home. The blood spot in the boot shows he took the body in the book of his car. He came home mid-morning to wash his clothes. There is no trace in the washing machine of blood, but he could have run it several times to ensure that. He therefore had the opportunity and the means with the hammer, which has been washed. Who washes a hammer? He had the motive. He’s having an affair which his daughter, the victim, intended to have out with him, according to her friend at school and her boyfriend. Although, it adds up to a reasonably strong case,” said Jasper.
“Now,” said Turnbull, “we have to consider the other two murders. Could he be responsible for them also? It’s a big coincidence; three schoolgirls of the same age killed in an almost identical manner with the same number of blows with possibly the same hammer in the Bradford area. What should be our next step?”

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