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Press Release: June 11, 2019

Our APC assessor (Assessment of Professional Competence) will be your personal mentor to help you through the process. The most appropriate route to becoming MRICS depends upon an individual’s qualifications and experience. Therefore we would begin by assessing your CV and advising on the best route for you to become an MRICS. This assessment will be free of charge and comes without obligation.

Our service is enormously successful and has an incredibly high success rate. We would like to use our expertise to aid you, or your company, to achieve more success in the future. The APC coaching that our expert professionals provide will save you time and money as they work with you to avoid pitfalls and guide you on the most efficient route to achieving your aims.

We understand that you will be extremely busy in your workplace, with tight schedules and many commitments. We also know it can be difficult to maintain an organised and clear focus on the many and varied processes and documents you need to complete to progress and achieve chartered status. Therefore your supervisor and counsellor will be working alongside you to ensure you are successful.

You will successfully gain the knowledge you need using a combination of academic study and practical project experience. We are currently working for the following pathways and the routes.

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