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"Rico Releases "New Music" 2017

Press Release: September 27, 2017

"Rico", began his rap career at age 5yrs old, in his early teen years rico and his family had lived in the toughest areas of East Saint Louis, which led to him moving to the one place to help launch a successful career in Cahokia Illinois where he'd soon meet his childhood friend, "Deontae", a friend who would later in life be the first person in history to own a legitamate Music publishing company dedicated to St.louis exclusively. "St.Louis Music Publishing Company" owned and operated by his childhood friend Deontae, a scholar who would go on to achieve great success in obtaining a Bachelors in Business Administration and move on to pursue his MBA from Lindenwood University. "St.louis Music Publishing company" will be a part of history and R!co will be the first artist to launch a career through "St.louis Music Publishing Company". "R!CO" is An artist unlike your typical rap artist, "this R!Co's" lyrical content is undeniably, one of the best lyrical content encoded stories to have extended its arms to the world of urban hiphop. He is producing his own motion films, as well as directing them. After Releasing his album "Good Morning", he will be releasing his motion film and soundtrack labeled Dopeboyz of America 2, this new film will have you at the edge of your seat. The film gives the notion of just how similiar the lives of every young mans life is, being from the hood, and
being raised around a life of crime.

R!co has been diligent in heavily using his entrepreneurial talents to build his own independent career and record label "Black Mobb Intertainment (BMI). Being responsible for putting together a team of Producers, one being a fresh Music Producer by the name of Dopeazz Dolo, who has partnered exclusively with R!co to help fulfill the needs of his albums with dope beats. R!co was very selective of his surroundings and wanted nothing but the best around him. He needed individuals around him who could fulfill his vision, with persistence and intelligence. R!co realized that before he could fulfill his dreams, he had to motivate his team to fulfill their own visions. Now that he has his team vibing on the same frequency as he is, he is planning to present to the world his most recent project LAbled "Good Morning"
"Good Morning" the album, was originally a wake-up call for his audience. During the creation of the album R!co had come to realization that, it's not a wake-up to wake the world
up, but a wake up to himself that, before he had made bad decisions, in his personal life, financially, and R!co believes he has now awake and ready to finish what he started in a bigger and better way.

R!co's single, " " is set to drop September 27th, 2017 and the Album has an official release date of October 15th, 2017. To obtain this album before its release date and obtain "bonus tracks", Pre-order and get this exclusive albums "Special edition" artwork.. The Pre-release, releases October 5th.

Coming from the EastSide of St.louis, R!co has lived most of his life, migrating from Atlanta George to East Saint Louis Illinois, with family and friends in Saintlouis Missouri. Life was tough for most of this Saint Louis population, with high unemployment, corruption within the system that governs the state of illinois, and where the hate is at a all time high. The Mississippi river split East Saint Louis away from Missouri and has caused a major divide. R!co doesn't believe that theres a divide, just a misconception that there is a line between us mentally. R!co's lyrics tell a story of just how indifferent the North, South, East, and West of St.louis have many things in common, the same family, with the same given name, Whether you in East Saint Louis Illinois, or The Northside, Westside, South

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