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Rice Straw Power - Renewable Energy And Saving Climate At Once

Press Release: February 17, 2016

The Rice Straw Power Project was started in 2006 by Hans Lothar Köhl. The project is focused towards reducing air pollution caused due to open burning of crop fields after yielding.
After spending several years in research and study, Mr. Köhl along to many other volunteers developed better ways to rot the rice straw which will not cause any methane contamination or air pollution. The aim of the project is to provide clean renewable energy and resources by doing efforts to reduce pollution as well as wastage of energy and renewable resources.
Under the project, the volunteers have developed facilities which will create heating and building materials from the rice straw. This project will not only resolve the problem of air pollution due to smoke emerged from the burning rice straw but will also provide a source of income to many poor families.
The project is focused in poverty stricken areas of countries such as Asia, Africa and India where rice is grown in a large amount annually. Thousands of families in these countries are involved into farming and through this project they can earn extra income.
Overall, the Rice straw project will help safeguarding the climate, provide clean renewable sources of energy along with resolving the problem of hunger and poverty. The project has gained quite popularity over different media channels and social networks which has brought it in front of the eyes of several people and organizations.
Since last year the project is all set to be started and invites public and private investors for a partnership. In january 2016 the project applied for the Zayed Future Engery Price from United Arab Emirates in 2017.

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