Press Release: March 16, 2010


Monday sees the launch of undoubtedly the most important new cricket bat of the year. A new limited overs bat, called the Joker, is being released by Black Cat Cricket which will enable cricketers to take their games to the next level.

Black Cat wanted to create a bat in response to the way the game of cricket is changing- a bat that provides the batsman with more power with the same control. The result is the Joker...

The bat has a unique and revolutionary shape, allowing for an enormous profile, with the pick-up and usability of a normal bat. The result is a massively more powerful bat, which translates to more fours and sixes when used in a match.

Charlie Munton, founder of Black Cat Cricket, manufacturers of the Joker, describes the bat: The bat has a slightly shorter blade than a conventional bat, and a slightly longer handle. The handle is thicker than most regular handles, drastically improving the pick-up of the bat. The longer handle also allows the batsman to change his grip to manoeuvre the ball better into gaps between fielders. The blade is a truly unique shape, with bold distribution of weight meaning a hugely powerful bat. The bat specialises in providing batsmen with increased value for their shots- turning ones into twos, and fours into sixes. In a pound-for-pound comparison, were confident that the Joker will perform better than any other bat on the market.

The bat was initially developed as a specialist twenty20 bat, however it is being marketed simply as a limited overs bat owing to the fact that all of a batsmans usual shots can be played meaning the bat is as usable in a Test match as it is in a twenty over game. However its sheer power will lead it to be most popular with players who play in restricted over formats of the game. One of the real strengths of the Joker is that it requires the batsman to make no adjustment at all to his playing style.

The bats are manufactured by Black Cat Cricket in England, which has already earned a reputation for producing handmade bats of the very highest quality, and the Jokers will be no different.

Pricing & Availability

The bat is available in two grades of English willow, grade one and grade three. The grade one bat is priced at £200; the grade three, £150. The grade three bat is aimed at players who would want to have a Joker in their kitbag as well as a regular bat; while the grade one bat could turn out to be the best value bat on the market.

Charlie Munton, founder of Black Cat Cricket, manufacturers of the Joker, explains the pricing strategy: There are two routes you can go down when launching a bat- either you spend lavishly on PR, marketing and sponsoring big name players, and charge a higher price for your bats; or sacrifice advertising expenditure, leaving your bats more affordable. We have chosen the second strategy for the Joker meaning the bat compares favourably on price as well as performance against its rivals. Were confident that the Joker will prove to be one of the best investments players can make this summer.

Both bats are available from www.jokerbat.com from Monday 15th March.

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