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Revolutionary New Clean Coal Technology Offers Solutions To Worlds Green Power Needs

Press Release: September 04, 2015

More than a year after proposing some unprecedented carbon dioxide emission limits, Obama has finalized the rules regarding strict restrictions on coal burning industries. The decision was taken based on the assumptions of the climate change community carbon tax proponents, whose conclusions have been challenged on the basis of being biased and often relies on one sided data, that is subject to interpretation.

Since the dawn of the electrical revolution coal power, has been the driving force of industry, providing power jobs and opportunities for the middle class, big business, and for families and homes alike. But at the turn of the 21st century, new complex carbon credit tax plans began shifting public opinion towards newer, supposedly cleaner sources of energy and in error deemed coal to be outdated and inefficient.

This shift in focus for a new power sources along with new restrictions imposed by the Obama administration’s Clean Air Act and other such green initiatives would seem to indicate that coal’s days are numbered, as are the thousands of jobs for hard working Americans. There have even been plans to see that its use might cease completely by the 2030.

Coal stocks have already begun losing its value, and environmentalists have begun mistakenly touting the virtues of natural gas, which generates methane and actually traps 34 times the heat of carbon dioxide produced by coal. Environmentalists often wrongly castigate coal for the globe’s climate problems, and unduly laud supposedly clean alternate fuels, which has caused a serious stir among industrial stakeholders, Americans who want lower energy costs, and tens of thousands of Americans who work in the coal industry and dependent upon coal combustion for their livelihood.

But before the world decides to kill coal completely and bury it in the past, a new far more holistic approach to clean coal power, has emerged, one that can renew coal’s appeal, and revive the industry. This new combination approach to clean coal combines a safe new coal catalyst that helps coal burn hotter, and generate more steam and less carbon monoxide and dioxide, coupled with a new wet electrostatic precipitation air scrubbing technology that scrubs and cleans the air, resulting in laboratory grade air emerging from the smokestacks at coal fired power plants.

This two pronged approach is economically viable as well because the coal catalyst results in coal savings which can be used to pay for the power plant air scrubbing conversions, at no cost to power plant owners or consumers. The ability to truly offer a clean coal solution is a game changer in the coal industry, there’s no denying that this spray on catalyst is definitely giving a new lease of life to coal.

The solution developed and engineered by Burn Less Coal, is said to not only control the amount of carbon emissions, but also increases coal’s thermal efficiency. The company has demonstrated in real world power plants that its efficiency enhancing product will allow coal’s energy production to go up and decreases coal consumption by a whopping 10-25%. When coupled with the new wet electrostatic precipitation technology a true clean coal solution emerges to provide for the worlds power needs well into the next century.

About the Company: BurnLessCoal.com is an organization that has been established around a core objective of renewing coal’s lifespan as a sustainable energy source, and eliminating harmful emissions. Its spray on coal catalyst is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous way of getting your coal to produce 15-25% more energy than it would without it. This catalyst will also help you save costs by increasing energy efficiency.

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