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Revolutionary multitasking CCTV cameras set to slash £64 billion UK crime bill

Press Release: January 27, 2010

Of 10 field installations where Viseum IMC deployments have been publicised, the intelligent multi-tasking cameras have made a significant impact on crime statistics, killing previous problems stone dead. Establishing just how much the UK will save on its crime bill is the purpose of Viseums new study. In fact this track record proves that the best-in-class IMC (Intelligent Moving Camera) technology is set to save the UK economy £billions per year. Its widespread deployment across the UK would also ensure Home Office Recommendations on crime detection and prevention are supported, and assist local authorities and law enforcement agencies in hitting relevant targets.

The UK economy suffered a cost of £64 Billion in 2003/4 based upon Government crime statistics; more worryingly, a more recent independent study indicates this cost is now running at a staggering £78 Billion per year. Stuart Thompson, Viseums Managing Director and inventor of the IMC technology, said: By being less reliant on infrastructures our cameras have proven to help CCTV schemes capture 25 times more useable evidence than any other manned solution. That is a massive incentive both socially and economically for local authorities and other Government agencies to provide protection to large numbers of open space problem areas.

Viseum will launch a savings calculator in the near future, to help identify just how much money a single IMC will save each particular community with specific crimes and antisocial problems - thereby providing local authorities and police forces with the financial data they need to justify the investment.

In fact Viseum will be encouraging members of the industry to take part in supporting our study or challenging these numbers, added Stuart Thompson. In return for the industrys input we will be offering a significant financial incentive - in addition to these proposed savings. Full details will be announced soon on the Viseum website www.viseum.co.uk

A very conservative clear up rate for Viseum IMCs in catching close up evidence-quality video is 70%, i.e: Viseum aims to clear up at least seven out of 10 open space incidents, whereas Viseum reports it is actually achieving nearer 100% clear-up of problems with the IMC so far.

To take part in the study or engage with Viseum about potential cost savings in your community, visit www.viseum.co.uk

About the Viseum IMC
Most conventional PTZ cameras simply dont capture the action theyre supposed to, are often facing in the wrong direction and consequently miss a lot of incidents. All making for a highly frustrating time for control room operators, local authorities and law enforcement agencies alike. With no sign of any new technology on the horizon to better the traditional PTZ, the owners and operators of CCTV schemes across the EU seemed destined for a hit and miss approach to crime detection and prevention for the foreseeable future. Now all that has changed. Enter the rapidly deployable Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) from Viseum.


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