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Press Release: August 20, 2015

Your new monitoring tool for daily health care
Watifhealth is launching a new health care monitoring tool that provides live feedback on your current health and possible dangers. This will help reduce the cost of healthcare and the time spent at clinics and hospitals for small health problems.
This announcement means the difference in your health and your ability to care for those you love.
We are offering this app for free to the first 500 subscribers. Go to http://www.watifhealh.com to secure your spot today.
We are always looking for healthcare facilities to carry our app and partner with to provide services for their followers and patients.
Our Mission is to provide the healthcare industry with innovative Smart ICT solutions that address global health challenges posed by epidemics such as Non-Communicable Diseases.
Deliver evidence based, meaningful use and patient centered health ICT solutions that eliminate variation of care. Solutions that are reproducible and scalable
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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ved Paul at 415-800-3869 or email at Watifhealth2@gmail.com.

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